Saturday, 29 August 2009

Would you just listen to yourself!

Ok. I’m trying not to think about this too severely.
It couldn’t have come at a worse time, though and I hope the person who started this has a bad night’s sleep – at least one.

I wrote a post back in April entitled “Things That make me go Aaaarrrghhhh” because a lot of things do, especially at certain times of the month. Oh, and whenever I’m driving. And whenever I spot bad spelling. And misuse of the Queens English. And lads with their jeans round their arses showing off their skidmarked pants. And those same lads who drive past/sit parked in a virtual moving disco. Whoever invented rap and then left the “C” off the beginning of the word deserves to find a dead, deep-fried, battered rat in his Kentucky Fried Chicken (this really happened to a friend of mine once).
So, okay then, pretty much most Things Make Me Go Arggghhh every day.
I should leave the house less perhaps.

So, during what is NOT the worst week of PMS I can remember. Last month was a winner and that was whilst we were in Tuscany so that made it ten times more, shall we say “feverish” than it should comfortably have been.
This morning (I have been “due” for two days now but because of extenuating circumstances* I’m never on time) I woke up to 13 glorious messages in my In-Box, most of which were from lovely writer friends and lovely writer sites and one from the lovely Dictionary dotcom people which is always um…lovely. The first one, though, was from a friend I haven’t seen for 2 years but who I’ve known since we were teenagers (well, one of us was – see I’m even being kind to her) but since getting married and having kids and moving from country to country we kinda lost touch and we’ve never been as close as we were in our heyday.
Getting to the point has always been a shortcoming.

Yup, you guessed it - I got a “sorry, I’m not usually superstitious but I had to do this” (or something like that – I can’t check because I deleted it fast and hard and very very angrily BUT not before I’d STUPIDLY STUPIDLY STUPIDLY scrolled down and read that I was to make a wish on the Cat in The Hat and after ten seconds – it even helped me by counting down on each line for me – my wish would come true. Ah, lovely I thought – not a nasty vibe in sight – until the last line. I had to send it to TEN friends including the sender otherwise my wish would turn out to be THE OPPOSITE).
My three book-deal is now officially down the pan.
Unless I really really truly read and believe the post I wrote in April
And right now I’ve got the Witch of PMS cackling over my shoulder because I fell for it. I fell for it big time and now I’m scared I’ve jinxed the whole goddamn thing simply for being stupid enough to believe that someone really wanted my wish to come true – without conditions – for a change.


Jacqueline Christodoulou said...

Debs, I soooo sympathise with the PMS - so much that one of my wishes would have been for the menopause! I don't believe is all the chain letter stuff but I do believe you will get your book deal. End of. :-)

Deborah Riccio said...

Thanks Jacquie. I'm usually so good at ignoring stupid stuff - it's just those pesky hormones!