Friday, 4 November 2011

Strange Days Indeed

  1. There’s a proper (like, REAL) possibility of that virtual reality ‘game’ thing happening that featured for the majority of ‘The Matrix’ – we caught this on an episode of ‘The Gadget Show’ and I was almost blown away by it.  In fact had I not had my AntiD’s increased two-fold (that’s double strength, right?) I think I’d have wept and danced at the sheer impossibility of something like this becoming – a possibility – IN MY LIFETIME!  There wasn’t any Kung-Fu levitation Slo-Mo stuff though, but, y’know, we’re still only in the 21st Century an’ all.  AND I’m still a little bit agog that we’re using (even at school on the interactive white boards) the ‘filing on the wall’ thing that Tom Cruise was using in that other film…. You know the one, where he prevents a crime from happening before its even taken place…. Oh you know the one I’m talking about… It’ll come to me … ‘Minority Report’ – that’s it.  It’s a bit exciting living in these technologically advanced times, isn’t it – when you come to think of it…. maybe just me then.

  1. A man called ‘Alan’ got mummified on telly.  No, he really did – this week – right in our front room.  Did YOU see it?  I think I’m still a little bit in shock at actually having seen a dead person for ‘real’ on the TV to be honest.  Normally they’re either bagged or covered with a sheet or something, even the ‘acting dead’ ones.  But Alan? Oh no, there he was, dead, right in front of us, and then he had his innards removed through a hole in his belly – like you do for the mummification process – another ‘agog’ moment.  Mouths were open and cushions were poised.  It was like watching ‘Dawn of the Dead’ but … not. And now he’s there for all eternity it some massive filing cabinet somewhere so that in a couple of centuries time ‘they’ can take him out and see how he’s getting on with the whole being mummified thing.  Most peculiar.
Narwhals... who knew?

  1. There’s a kind of Dolphin creature that has a horn longer than a Unicorn’s (if Unicorns existed of course) and if I hadn’t seen it on the telly I wouldn’t have believed it myself.  They don’t do much with it, though, and it looks very cumbersome and annoying.   My beautiful daughter even knew what they were called.  I can’t remember now, but the evening spent watching ‘Frozen Planet’ with the penguins and the snow bears… Polar… will remain with me for a long time.  It’s not often the whole family sits in awe and delight and squeals and coos at precisely the same time altogether, and for this, Sir David Attenborough, I thank you – even if we’re NOT really related after all and someone must have spun this yarn to make the Cooper family believe they had some kind of interesting heritage. Bless.

Makes you wonder, though, doesn’t it?


Kamille Elahi said...

Wasn't that man mummified a while ago? I swear I saw it like 2 weeks ago.

I love Frozen Planet! My family don't really love nature documentaries though so I tend to watch TV on my own.

Anonymous said...

I saw the man get mummified, it was surreal hearing his narrate parts of it after he was dead. The removing of guts was gross. They make it so realistic on TV shows like CSI.

Missed the other two programs, would have like to have seen them!

Debs Riccio said...

Kamille, it could have been a fortnight ago - time's becoming a blurrrrrr!
Suz, I know - real gut-wrenching stuff, wasn't it? *snerk*

Anonymous said...

Ew. Teehee

Debs Carr said...

I w the narwhales on tv recently and up until then had vpbekieved they were fictional creatures like unicorns. What a fab discovery!

Debs Riccio said...

Debs - I know, isn't life a bit magical at times?!