Saturday, 3 March 2012

Meet my latest baby!

I'm not even sure this book would be termed Young Adult or Teenage because it's mainly set in 1979 which is where today's Middle Agers started out.
Anyway, if the book wasn't an E-book and had been printed on proper paper and bound and stuff, the blurb on the back would read something like this:

"Although she hasn't thought it through comprehensively, Casey Summerfield has had enough of her fiercely independent mother and her cheating boyfriend so she  decides to run away.  The one thing she hasn't factored into her plan is being knocked unconscious by a bus and waking up in her teenaged mother's bedroom in 1979.
And she's seen enough episodes of 'Life on Mars' to know that there must be a perfectly rational explanation for her being 'here' , so all she has to do is ride it out until David Bowie dressed as a clown comes to take her back to 2012.  Isn't it?"

And for 24 hours - from midnight tonight - it's FREE!So if you feel like being transported back to the days of vinyl 45's, Pink and Jackie Annuals, first-time flares and John Travolta overload, then THIS is the book for you!

(I'm such a marketing slut, me!)

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