Saturday, 11 June 2011

Proud Parent Moments

It's no secret to any of you that I am THE proudest Mummy in the entire world for having the most beautiful, funny, intelligent, caring and talented daughter ever (even if she DOES still spill tea on her duvet cover in the morning).
And the past couple of weeks have made me want to toot my horn of proudness even louder.

Since finishing her AS Levels she's been on study leave and so has been accompanying me to school to help out with the mountain-load of stuff that I always seem to have there.
She's helped  produce the biggest, loudest, most creative display in the entrance hall we've ever known, she's been a constant source of delight and brought me back to earth when all I've felt able to do is flail wildly; and she's turned mad situations into areas of relative calm.

She's also made me laugh so much I can't imagine going back to work without her now and everyone's been telling me how clever and lovely and helpful she is. Things I already know but am incredibly proud to hear repeated over and over and over.

Which reminded me that she designed me a book cover a little while back and I only came across it just now when I was trawling mindlessly through my archives (also known as writers procrastination) and I wanted to share it with you.

Isn't she just amazing?


Anonymous said...

That is brilliant! I love it! :)

Alice said...

Yay :) <3

Deb said...

Talented girlie!

Debs Riccio said...

such a star, thanks girls!

Talli Roland said...

Amazing! You're so lucky to have such a wonderful, talented daughter!

Luisa Plaja said...

I love it! Debs, your daughter is awesome!