Friday, 17 April 2009

My Personal Fritter

Remember Spam Fritters at school? Loved them. I think I loved the way all that cooking oil and fat seeped out when you cut into them - and they were salty - weren't they? (the memory tends to also fritter with age) am almost certain they were salty. And you either loved them or loathed them. Like the proverbial Marmite conundrum.
Pineapple Fritters. Remember them? Where did they come from? Were they on the Chinese menu? I don't remember where but I do remember they were there. Didn't like 'em. Too sweet. I mean - you wouldn't batter and deep fry a banana, now would you? Ah, okay then.
And I knew someone once who liked to fritter and deep fry a Mars bar or two. Couldn't quite manage it properly but they had a go.
How about weekends?
Hell, why not go the whole hog and fritter a whole week - no, make that two - a whole Frittered Fortnight... Mmmm now doesn't that get your taste buds going?!
Method: Dust the time well with very good intentions spiced with ideas a-plenty and every determination to rise early and pack as much into it as humanly possible and then just sit back and watch your efforts soar with success...
Oh... I'm a sucker for a Fritter - I'm just so damned good at Frittering. I could Fritter for England. I could go on Britain's Got Talent and Fritter (more interesting than watching some guy try and beat the World Record for Ferrero Rocher consumption I would guarantee). I should have a degree in Frittering.
Best laid plans -vs- a nice tasty Fritter?
No competition!

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