Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

So, two years ago yesterday I became the fifth Mrs Riccio (only 'cos there's four others in the immediate family - not 'cos Gorgeous Carpenter Man is a serial Bigamist). And one of my enduring memories of the day is of standing in the ante-room of the castle - yes - we got married in A CASTLE! and when the Registrar lady was going through my details with her assistant before the ceremony, I very nearly hoiked up my beautiful dress and made a run for it right there and said "I know! Look at me! At MY age! - what DO I think I'm doing?!" and they were all lovely and sweet and charming to me and said "you're beautiful, you are happy and you will have a wonderful life together" and, for me, that was like the three little fairies from Sleeping Beauty passing a spell over me that had already partly come true - all I had to do was drag my crisis of confidence and my amazing dress out there and say "I do" to my very own Prince Charming. Which I did.
Trouble is, only 24 months later, after having viewed the video footage from our recent "holiday" in Tuscany, I'm sadly not so much the beautiful, happy, excited bride and more of the loafish, purrulent, saggy old married hag, akin, if you will, to the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.
I don't need to ask "where did it all go..." because it's plain to see exactly where it all went and that's round my middle. Oh, and my wings, and my thighs and everywhere else you don't want to know about or see in the bright light of day.

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