Monday, 21 September 2009

Just like a box of chocolates - and just as fattening

It struck me as I was driving home from work this afternoon how much I was looking forward to getting back and switching this machine on and getting stuck into my new WIP – another teenage thing – only I wanted to blog about it first (procrastination to the end).
When Hubby asked yesterday how the book was going (after our weekend**, he damned well should ask) I found the sentence “d’you know it’s actually delicious – just like opening a new box of chocolates” leave my mouth – because it is.
And I’ve never had this before.
I have never waxed lyrical about the penning of a book before. Usually the whole exercise is littered with words such as ‘block’ or ‘plot-mush’ or ‘shite’ or ‘drivel’. Never before has it appeared to me as fresh and as tempting as a newly-unwrapped box of chocolates.
This thought then obviously thrust me headlong into my wibbly wobbly world of Analogies R Me.

The Box – is the book. Keeps it altogether and it’s the shiny lure.
The Strawberry Crème – kick-starts it all off with a sweet-tang that makes you want another.
The Praline – is the nutty, gutsy element of the story that’s full of interesting little bits.
The Coconut – is the bit you’re not sure you should have started but it might work.
The Orange Crème – has to go. Get rid of this whole section. It’s pants.
Toffee – You’ve hit the wall but don’t try to chew through it – wait for it to melt away of its own accord – you know it makes sense.
Nut Cluster – ah, see? This is more like it – this bit’s tying in with the Praline and now it feels like it’s all coming together.
Nougat – bit of a sub-plot we didn’t see coming but it might have benefits.
Caramel Crème – Oooh – that was lovely, I didn’t see that one coming either.
Coffee Crème – a total finale taste explosion that probably deserves a Brandy Liqueur to top it all off.


* WARNING: Eating a Box of Chocolates may result in a broadening of the beam
Writing a book may also cause the same result but with much greater benefits.
** See yesterday’s post


Deb said...

Seeing as you're in analogy mode again, Debs, I liken the WIP to giving birth: The euphoria of discovering you're pregnant is the same as the euphoria you feel when an idea suddenly hits - you get all excited at the prospect of this new baby you've created. The morning sickness, inability to walk normally, let alone get up from the sofa successfully is akin to the moments of doubt, the moments of sheer frustration because you can't move forwards with your story. Then of course there's the birth - the agonising pain as you try to bring the WIP to a suitable end, the impatience of wanting to see it in all its finished glory.
And when you've finally given birth, you then have to suffer the agony of sending it off in to the Big Wide World, hoping and praying that it will be all right.

Debs Riccio said...

Ah that old chestnut, eh?!
Thought I'd bring a touch of Qaulity (St) to the analogical proceedings!

Bege said...

Brilliant analogy Debs! Problem with me is my box has way too many toffees in at the moment, and I really do struggle to let go of the orange cremes....x

Fionnuala Kearney said...

Aarrgh I'm trying to lose half a stone before I see my doctor next week and you talk about chocolate. I want some. I may have to pretend I need petrol just to get some.
Good luck with the new WIP. Its great to hear you so excited! x

Debs Riccio said...

Think I've just hit the Turkish Delight!