Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bucking Hell!

Ah puns, you make me giggle.  (*post title).

Some things never change.  Not only have I NOT done anything I vowed on my New Years' Resolutions List, but I have done things in the space of 30 days I didn't even know I was considering.  Even though they might have been on the back-burner of my mind.

So... let's get to the 'bucking' point, shall we?

Even though I knew full well at the age of 15 what the term 'vanity publishing' was, and even though I went straight on through my 20's and 30's and (eeep, almost all my 40's now) denouncing every 'self-publishing' advertisement that screamed at me from the pages of various writing magazines, I have gone and done it.

I'm just so contrary, me. But you can rely on me to buck a trend - even (actually especially) if the trend is self-imposed.

I'm the same with housework (that's a 'trend', right?)  It's there; it screams and expands and demands attention, so I do my level best to ignore it.  How dare it demand of me - don't I have better things to do with my life? Damn right!

So, Vanity Publishing.  It's always had a bad press (ha) and in a similar fashion to the very misunderstood microwave, I think it's now about time we started to embrace it. *ANALOGY ALERT*  In true Cooper-fashion, I have had enough of spending my precious time standing over a pan into which I've carefully and blended and chopped; added to, stirred, folded, creamed, and pureed to a pulp - watching expectantly as  little bubbles begin to surface, the aroma intensifying and embracing the kitchen (of my mind, keep up, keep up) only for the gas to turn off right at the crucial moment. It's upsetting.  It's demoralising.  It's soul-destroying, frankly. And as I've been standing at this metaphorical 'cooker' for the past 10 years, watching my lovely little dishes simmer and just reach boiling point before... well, you know... the gas... I've decided to soddit and just stick it in the microwave instead.  It pretty much does the same job in a hundredth of the time, does NOT melt the brain and if anything comes out tasting weird, then I've only got myself to blame.

I don't feel desperate. Even though I've published under a pseudonym (D A Cooper) which is more in case of any future representation problems.  I don't feel like I've let myself down; but I do feel oddly liberated. Like a mother Starling having just eased her little fledglings out of the stale nest they've been cooped up in for far too long, and I'm just excited to see how far they can fly now. 

Technology is a wonderful thing.  I usually embrace all things technical, after all, if it's been invented why the heck not use it?  And although I shall continue to buy proper, published, printed books in ink on paper, I shall also be downloading the occasional e-book once I have my shiny new tablet-thingy (oh I'm all up with the latest jargon, me) and relishing in how far we've come since Dickens' day.

Things are looking bucking good for the first month of the New Year - I now resolve they shall stay that way!


Fionnuala said...

Well debs you already know how I feel! Well done you... How in heck are you getting such clever covers - please mail me separately and let me know?!
Also I'm back blogging so pop over to see me on www.manic-muse.blogspot.com. X

Jane Lovering said...

Best of luck with your new errr...recipe (she said, straining that metaphore until it squeaked). Looks fantastic and I hope it meets with the success it deserves!

Debs Riccio said...

Thanks Ladies, you are too lovely and far too kind :) Fi, I am mailing you right away with my 'clever cover' details! x

Anonymous said...

Finally! You've self-published. And it's not Vanity Publishing you've done. Vanity Publishing is when an author pays a printer/publisher £thousands£ to print hundreds of their books. Then, the Vanity Publishers sells the printed books back to the author which the author then has to distribute themselves.

eBook publishing costs nothing.


Debs Riccio said...

Suz, you're right, of course! I have lost NOTHING apart from some sleep and some hair and it's so exciting to see something I've produced somewhere else other than hidden away in my computer :)
I just hope I get some reviews - even bad ones!

Luisa Plaja said...

Fabulous! Congratulations, Debs!

Debs Riccio said...

Thanks Luisa, I started 'KDLH' last night, it's so sweeeet! :) x

Deb said...

Suzanne is right; it's not vanity publishing, it's independent publishing. Look at all those clever kids like Bieber who couldn't get their break in the music industry; they took a chance with a little known thing called YouTube and iTunes, produced and marketed their own songs...who's laughing now?
Added to this, every 'traditional publisher' I have ever worked with is now in the process of putting all their books to Ebooks and I know many such publishers and agents taking on writers solely on digital rights, so that they can test the market before they invest thousands of pounds in to an author that might not sell.
I've made more in royalties with my Ebook in the same space of time than some of my traditionally published books. It's the way forward, kid. Just as we no longer buy cassette tapes or videos, preferring iTunes, CDs and DVDs. Things evolve. You're now a published author! Go celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Debs, I just downloaded your free eBook as it sounds awesome. I noticed the price of your books and thought I might suggest a very helpful blog run by a super successful indie writer and publisher. Have you heard of Dean Wesley Smith? In particular the following to posts are especially helpful:



My eBook was initially priced at .99 cents. I emailed Dean for advice and he got back to me, which I was so grateful for. He told me to make my author name larger on my eBook and to up the price to $4.99. That way my book would appeal to readers and not other writers and internet reviewers, who are not a target audience.

Guess what? Since upping my price of my book real readers have been buying it. Readers who don't bother to review, because they don't need to. Value your time and hard work, Debs. Let that reflect in the price of your novels and readers will see it as a better book that's still low priced enough.

Deb said...

Very good advice, Suz. It's interesting how some other writers feel compelled to write critical reviews on other writers' books, isn't it? I've had a few of those myself!

Debs Riccio said...

Even better than that, Suz (and thanks for the link to Dean's site) I've put DG up for FREE this weekend and downloads have gone from 10 to over 100 today - I'm *hoping* this means those who've read the sample and liked it have wanted to read on... it's readers I want, not sheckles. But sheckles is nice all the same.
Thanks EVERYONE for your support - you rock! :)