Thursday, 23 April 2009

Things my parents used to say that I'm (scarily) starting to agree with...

1.There truly aren't enough hours in the day.
After having scoffed at the ridiculousness of this statement (backed up by scientific research into time management- probably) for years, now I'm, ahem... older - I can actually *smell* time passing faster than it used to. Anyone else getting a whiff of it?
2.There really is a Time and a Place. Makes perfect sense really, doesn't it? And if you don't believe me (or them) then you only have to watch an episode of Dr Who for absolute confirmation.
3.Don't spend what you haven't got. Blimey. In today's mental economic climate, how true, how true... mum and dad didn't buy anything on the HP. The mortgage was their only debt therefore they never had a foreign holiday and only ever bought stuff for the house after fleecing my brother and I into paying 'Housekeeping' for the weeks we'd been away on holiday. Win-win (to them). One year we came back to find half the Cotswolds in our living room in the form of a tacky fireplace (with alcoves) which stretched the entire wall.
3.Make do and Mend. Ta-dah! E-Bay. Need I elaborate?
4.It's better to arrive 20 minutes late than 20 years early.My dad used to say this during every car journey we ever took and I always groaned because he never went over the speed limit even when my bladder was stretched to its capacity and we still had another five million potholes to navigate - through. Now, though, it makes perfect sense.
5.You can't do any more than Your Best.I used to think this was another way of saying 'Go away, you hopeless non-achiever and carry on counting ants in the back garden.' But it's an undeniable truth.
6.There's nothing better than a cup of tea, a dog at your feet and the love of a good wo/man.Apart from substituting the dog at my feet for a bloody good book, I'd have to say that's pretty much spot on!
There are loads others but now I want to, I can't think of them.
Anyone got any corkers?!


Fionnuala said...

My Mam used to tell us there's no such thing as falling in have to climb in love. So right! Fx

Deborah Riccio said...

I like that - think I even 'get it' a little!!!