Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What's the difference between Fishing and Writing?

Well, none, actually. If you're to believe MrR. And I have to admit what he says makes an awful lot of sense.
If you're not in any kind of pre-menstrual huff, that is.
Much like everything else he says making a great deal of sense - which it does - unless... oh, you know the rest.
Okay. So 'here's the Math':

1. In fishing you need a jolly decent hook.
Ditto Writing. Esp. at the end of every chapter - otherwise reader will amble off in search of boredeom aleviators usually in the form of a beverage or three - maybe even another book (zoikes).

2. In fishing you need a tasty bait.
For 'bait' I'm reading Fe/male protagonists and some juicy can of worms to spill. And, of course, if the first bait doesn't get a bite, try another one. (see 5).

3. In fishing you need to find the right location.
So long as the room is heated, has a window, has electricity and direct access to a packet of chocolate hob-nobs then I'm in the right place.
Unless by 'right location' he means the setting of the story. Probably. More than likely actually. Of course he does - has to be right. No point writing about Eskimo love in Bahrain unless you have direct knowledge. Which of course... ah soddit. Bedsits in Bognor it is, then.

4. In fishing you need endless patience to succeed.
Too right! How often have you loaded the right hook with the tastiest bait only to have it float about gaining nibbles for about 25thou words, then sadly drift off and end up at the bottom of the pond covered in so many weeds you can't even see it any longer let alone get it back?!Aargh!

5. Just because one gets away doesn't mean there isn't another One out there.
I'm using an Agent metaphor for this one. So how would MrR feel if he watched 39 get away, followed by another 43 with a different bait? Hmm? Actually he'd probably just change pools and re-think his options. He's far too sensible and logical for my warped, over-emotional way of thinking!

6. It's all about timing it just right.

7. Success is a dozen failures.
That's 'Everything' related - fishing and writing included. And I love this MrR saying. It get's me right *there* every time. And like my lovely friend Claire told me once: 'it only takes one yes'
(for 'yes' read 'catch')

8. You can do both in the rain (I just made that one up)


Fionnuala Kearney said...

Loved the rain one! I think we share that lovely friend Claire. We'll get there Debs, soon....I can feel it in my fishy waters! Fx

Emily Gale said...

This is very good! We need some sort of writers' equivalent of waders to deal with the freezing publishing waters.