Thursday, 7 May 2009

You know you're feeling better when...

1. You can manage to stand in the shower and wash your hair without every nerve ending screaming in agony.

2. You take your daughter to school wearing more than joggers pulled over pyjamas with slippers and sunglasses accessories.

3. The wailing of the cat for more Whiskas manages to sound shriller than the banging at your eardrums for more paracetamol.

4. You notice a definite dust build-up on surfaces that three days ago you couldn't even focus on let alone care that you possessed in the first place.

5. The film you just watched made you wince, moan and snarl and not because of it's brilliance but for the sheer fact that it was allowed to be made at all - just because you put about ten Women together who are stupidly famous and who have all had superb parts in the past does NOT mean that combined they create a good film - utter, utter cringeworthy, cliche-ridden drivel with plastic hairdo's and botox at it's best... Gah!

6. You look at the clock and think "Ah... if I'd been at work I'd have been getting ready to leave right now" and actually feel a little wistful.

7. You switch your computer on after five days of not being able to flick on the kettle without a whimper of pain and realise that you HAVE been missed. Oh, and that life does go on without you, but hey...

8. The box of After Eights looks strangely tempting sitting next to the sachets of Beechams Extra and you think your taste buds might not have died after all.

9. You make a silent vow to stop picking the scabs that have formed around your nose from so much blowing and decide to try a bit of lipstick for the school run this afternoon. After all, you don't want to scare your daughter's friends. Again.

10. You discover, almost joyously, there is even humour to be found in having a bout of the 'flu.


Claire said...

Glad you are feeling better.
Get some hemp cream for the scabby nose!

Deborah Riccio said...

Have heard marvellous things of the Hemp plant (is it a plant?). Could I combine nose scab with lip salve d'you think?