Saturday, 12 September 2009

The newest excuse for an untidy house

Unbeknown to me I’ve just been sketching out ideas for book No.5. Originally it was going to be another Young Adult because I’ve already written the first paragraph for that and I thought I’d want to move on with it – but there’s this guy sitting in a suit in a pub who’s getting really fed up with waiting for his story to be told.
So I’m afraid it’s going to have to happen.
Maybe I’ll do a tandem write – is that possible?
I can watch two TV programmes at once (if there’s adverts on one) so surely I could write two books at once? Does the idea lean too much towards a literary ménage a trois?
I can’t get arrested for it.
Can I?
I could end up with weird scenes in my head and there’s already enough of them to contend with.
Mood swings wouldn’t be unusual anyway. Who’d notice?
The pregnant teenager could wait, couldn’t she? She’s a patient sort, but this guy is tapping his feet now and demanding attention. He needs to get on with his story and I’m the only one who can help him.
This might result in the longest gestation period in the (ok, fictional) world for the patient teenager.

Ok. Finger nails cut (faster typing), weekend’s here. Sun’s out so where else would I be but in the smallest room in the house with a million words in my head waiting to fall out onto the screen?
Happy Days!


Deb said...

I have a postcard on my desk which reads, 'Housework is evil, it must be stopped.' Which of course I am in total agreement with.
Isn't it stange how characters actually become like real people in your mind? When I was writing my last novel, there were four main characters (I don't even like to call them characters; they're like real people to me) and the more I wrote the more it felt as though they were real and were trying to tell me their story, rather than me making it up as I go along. I would often wonder what Rosie, Sarah, Nicole or Pearl would do if they were me on the recieving end of a grumpy checkout girl and whether I would get away with saying in court, 'Sorry me Lord, but Nicole told me to deck her.' Somehow I don't think imaginary friends hold up in the case of defence, do you?

Debs Riccio said...

.. and of course *no man was ever killed whilst washing the dishes*!
Yeah, this guy in the pub is really spooking me now - I've got the bones of his story - just need to flesh it all out now.