Sunday, 11 October 2009

Major Rewrite reporting for duty...Sir!

So I’ve decided to go for the re-write. At an age where I should be opting for safer, easier, calmer, less-stressful alternatives, I have decided, with the help of some pretty cool writer-friends that instead of just flinging the latest Teenage Thing, ‘Double History’ into the file marked ‘Written, Unwanted but Not Forgotten”) I shall be re-working, re-jigging, re-casting, deleting, introducing and pretty much giving the whole thing a makeover of the highest order.

No mean feat for a gal of indeterminate years.
And I don’t do Mean Feat lightly.
Meat feast, maybe. Mean feat - not so much.

But it will prove things. And I’m all for proving things.
1. I am not a flake (they’re crumbly. I’m not)
2. I can be organised.
3. I can be disciplined.
4. I can deliver.
5. I will invent a 28 hour day.

And, above all, when I was re-reading it and wondering how the heck I could possibly re-route approximately three quarters of it, I felt the original excitement, the warmth and the sheer fun of the whole thing returning to me. It deserves to have some time spent and work done on it.

It’s too easy to just wave it goodbye and put it down to experience. I believe in this book and I’ve never had *wholehearted* belief in anything I’ve written before. But this one calls to me. It reaches out its hand to me and it begs me to take it to the park and push it higher and higher on the swings…
(sound of needle scratching across vinyl)

Watch this space.