Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Somebody has to do it, right?

Even though it’s half term, which usually means not having to go into work, this is the second day I’ve felt compelled to go in – because we have Open Evening the day after we return and everything has to be ‘perfect’ for it. In fact whilst I’ve been in, windows have been cleaned inside and out, floors have been buffed and polished to a wet-look appearance and all the skirting boards have been glossed. Anyone would think we were having the Queen to tea.

And the amount of abuse we (that’s me plus Anne Other) have had to contend with about the avoidance of touching these surfaces – pretty difficult when most of it IS flooring – is tantamount to bullying. In fact Ms Other even had a roll of masking tape thrown the length of a corridor at her to alert her to said areas of avoidance.
I’d have wrapped the guy up in it if he’d had the nerve to do it to me.
But it is lovely not having the kids there. Oh, and the teachers if I’m honest. We can get stuff done without every five minutes having to sort out a mis-feed in the photocopier (not our specialist area but because it’s IN our area, it has become so) and answering questions that always begin: ‘could you just…’ ‘can you quickly…’ ‘I don’t suppose you could…’ because these little ‘jobs’ fall under the ‘Any Other Duties’ part of our Job Description and even if we didn’t help out of the goodness of our hearts, we’d be contractually obliged to carry them out anyway.
And of course whilst the feeling is great that we’re making in-roads into turning the school into the most fabulously adorned secondary seat of learning in the area, it also means that I’ve done bugger-all on the re-write since I started weeks ago and since I announced to the world and his wife that I was on the home-stretch.
So now I’m giving myself the predictable guilt-trip.
Hence the stroppiness of the last but one post, I’m guessing.
And once more (is there a Guinness record for this I wonder?) I’m battling with flu-viral germs that have yet again deemed my body their chosen temple of worship. I cannot remember a year when I’ve had three bouts of germs in five weeks. It has to be a record.
But my, wasn’t it lovely weather today?
(*pathetic attempt at being cheery in face of adversity*)

p.s. this display isn't one that we've done - ours are far, far superior to this and next time I have a full complement of brain cells I shall take a photo of one of my personal bests just to prove this!


luisa1706 said...

OMG! Of course I do know who you are talking about. If you would like some help in locking him in the dirty cleaner's cupboard let me know. I will gladly assist in this kidnap!!!!

For what it is worth I think all the displays look fantastic. You and "the other" do a great job!! Creep creep!!!

Debs Riccio said...

Hee! Knew you'd know, Luisa! See what you've been missing?

luisa1706 said...

Missing!!! Never. I am starting to get really moody now that we are at the end of the week. I need another week off. I don't think that is asking too much. Is it? HA HA HA.