Saturday, 3 October 2009

That's the Wonder of E-Bay!

There’s not much will make me laugh gleefully whilst driving home from a hard slog at the office*. Terry Wogan (as I think I mentioned previously) will make me chuckle on the way INTO work – when I don’t know what seventeen types of horror await me once I get there – but on the way home? At 1pm?
There’s a scintillating choice of either the local Radio’s Lunchtime disco which you have to be in the mood for and not mind the occasional slam into an advert for second hand cars or carpets at discount prices; or else there’s Jeremy Vine going on about something morbidly miserable and listening to his callers whining on about how unfair something is and having a cut-throat argument with another equally irate caller on Line 2. During which you can never hear either argument because the other invariably rants ferociously over the first. It’s not Radio. Its reality TV with the picture turned off.
So I wasn’t expecting the News to herald anything of interest other than someone else getting killed somewhere and/or another Salami sweeping somewhere else and Gording (Effing**) Brown saying something disturbing about the state of our economy. Like he knows what’s wrong with it – er…hello?
So thank God for the ten year old girl who listed her Grandma for sale on E-Bay, that’s all I can say. And thank God equally that I had a pack of Handy tissues in the car to soak up my wails of wet hilarity as I drove home. Now that’s what I CALL entertainment.
Which ludicrously lovely story reminded me of another guy who got so bored trawling through items on E-bay that he listed the cup of tea he was drinking and took a photo of it, throwing in the half-eaten biscuit he was dunking into it at the time as well.
He got £2.50 for it.
Not a bad morning’s boredom.
And the World has the cheek to slag off the British sense of Humour – ha! I say to The World - Suck my biscuit and buy my Granny!

*Ok then, more a large room in which I am surrounded by bits of coloured paper, pritt sticks, staple guns and a myriad of wildly fascinating people.
** Not precisely mine, but the opinion of the main character in the Teenage thing I’ve just written. Gah – teenagers, eh?!


Deb said...

Hee-hee, I read about this in the paper, Debs. Really funny - there's a few people I'd like to put up on Ebay! As for PM Brown! I was doing some 'history of prime ministers' with Holly (aged 7) the other day and asked her if she knew who our current PM was. 'Hang, on, I know this one,' she said, 'Oh, I know, it's hash brown.' Out of the mouths of babes and all that:)

Lane said...

I can't listen to Jeremy Vine any more either. He always sounds like he's verging on the edge of hysteria.
Far better to hear about half eaten biscuits etc:-)

Twitter Titters. That's where we've met. I knew I recognized your name!

Debs Riccio said...

Debs - OMG I *heart* 'Hash Brown'! I may have to weave that into a story somewhere!

Lane, thanks for popping by - love your blog - yeah, we have a 'book out' together - how cool is that?!