Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I'm not really here - but I HAD to post this

CAN this happen?  Is it allowed?  I know Emily Giffin's book (right) has had a couple of new covers since this one - but really?  The SAME lady-holding-bag thing?  Don't publishers go through and check the image hasn't been used before?
Too many questions, only Keris will know the answer to, I'm certain.
After all, if I, a struggling-to-be-represented author goes to the tedious trouble of making sure a title hasn't been used before I go ahead and name my next book ("my next book" - ha!  would you just listen to me!) then surely the least they should do is check a cover image hasn't been used before.
Okay, rant over - back to the hoovering, dusting, cleaning, NaNo-ing.  I wasn't here. You didn't see me.


Keris said...

Ha! Yes, it happens quite a lot. The photo on Jennifer Weiner's In Her Shoes was also the cover of a fetish book. Both those covers are gorgeous though!

Debs Riccio said...

Noooooo!!! I thinks it's wrong on so many levels - the main one being that for me, that cover will ALWAYS say 'Love the one you're with' and I shan't buy that other one even if it gets great reviews because for me it's stolen the image which belongs to the lovely memory of enjoying reading The Emily Giffin.
So there.

Claire said...

The other one is published by Poolbeg.
The do lovely covers.
Buy it. Thanks so much!