Saturday, 6 March 2010

Saturday Write Fever

After the madness of making about a million enquiries (I'm a writer - I'm allowed to exaggerate, what can I say?)  this week for my last Teen book, 'Double History' - still coming to a shop near you - I am convinced of this - I resolved not to write much this weekend.  I was so exhausted last night, after three solid nights of writing and e-mailing enquiries and printing off synposes and addressing envelopes and stuff, that I couldn't even focus straight to watch telly come ten thirty.
But it's like an addiction, this writing malarkay.  No sooner do I tell myself I shan't - than I do.  With the pretext that I had to just check my e-mails - then Google Post Office weightage tables for the posting off of requested sample chapters (YES, requested sample chapters already!  Did I also mention a request for the Full too?  Oh, I didn't?)  anyway - by the time I've navigated away from E-mail, Royal Mail, local weather and then watched five or six cats doing absurdly stupid things on camera - along with one dog whose front legs are in fact wheels - bless him.... I thought I'd just see where I got to on my latest Teen thing.
And three thousand words later - I'm still here.  Why can't I just leave it alone?  Maybe it's because it's in my blood.  It's definitely in my head from the minute I wake up to the minute I fall asleep - and all the hours in between too.  No wonder the Girl is always scowling at me and saying "Did you hear what I just said?" and the Hubby frowns at his plate of culinary sustenance of an evening with an "I thought we were having Spag Bol, not Sarnies" type expression.  I can't concentrate on the 'normal world' everyone else lives in.  I have my own.
And I'm afraid I'm ex-directory.  No one's getting through.


Jacqueline Christodoulou said...

Congrats, Debs, on the progress you are making with Double History. And on the new thing.
You're a whirlwind of activity! Please keep us informed of any furhter excitement - I'm sure you'll hear something positive

Debs Riccio said...

Thanks Jacqui - I hope so. Been here a couple of times now so I won't be too disheartened if nothing positive comes of it - it's all steps in the right direction - right?!

Deb said...

Definitely in the right direction, Debs. Keeping fingers, toes, eyes crossed for you. xxxx

Michele said...

Rock on, girl!