Thursday, 8 April 2010

April Eight

This is what *it's* all about, isn't it?
There are some days (too many for comfort) when I wake up and think 'Jeez - here we go again' like the unenviable hamster on the wheel and I wonder what's the point of *it* all. And those days, I've come to discover - and at my age I have plenty of recorded time to draw conclusions from - prove that *it* has a great deal to do with the weather. And the weather in turn affects the mood I wake up in and spend the next 24 hours having to contend with and live around.
And I so DO NOT want to turn into my Mother with her hatred of Wet Weather and monumental anger at Him Up There having bestowed it upon her. Please no.
My super-intelligent writerly-friend Jacqui Christodoulou blogged yesterday about the recent lost hour and the effect the changing seasons and time have on our state of mind. And it made me feel so much better about my oft-time 'off-time' if you know what I mean. And, as I commented, I do recall someone saying (it was either Steve Wright or Mel Gibson - weird that) that as women are something like 70 percent water (more than your average bloke anyway), we are more susceptible to changes in weather and seasons than men and that the pull of the moon governs our temperament. And I can see how that would be.
Take yesterday's weather: Miserable, dull, cloudy, occasional outburst of rain.
My mood: Dull,  stormy,  very real chance of rain (from the eyes).
Today, though - different story altogether.
Weather: Bright, sunny, warm, cheerful.
Me: same (as the weather I mean, not as yesterday). This morning, the minute I got up I could have been Doris Day in her springy yellow frock. I'd even have known all the words and the dance steps had the postman/bin men started a street routine outside. My cup overflowed with the thought that *anything* was possible.
I Twittered without much angst (I'm still not convinced) I put two washes on and hung them out. I took photos of the Hubs mowing the lawns (see?) I hoovered, I Facebooked,I took The Girl to her b/f and sang along to Razorlight there and back, I surfed a bit, didn't stress over lunch - just didn't have any - and then blogged about it. See me blog.
Of course I still haven't gotten round to any proper writing as such - blinkin' lovely weather - it encourages such procrastination, doesn't it?! *shame-face*.


Michele said...

Tell your husband I like the nice straight lines he makes on the grass when cuts it. Seriously. Lovely yard and view. But you're right on about the sunshine

Debs Riccio said...

Thanks - he's such a perfectionist! My dad used to do lines up the lawn too - always makes me miss him more - but in a good way iykwim x

Jacqueline Christodoulou said...

LOL Debs Thank you very much for the link. I am feeling very bright and breezy today myself :-)

Debs Riccio said...

And so you should be, Jacqui! The forecast is good. In fact it's better than good - it's great! (until those damned clouds bring the next depression of course!)

jc said...

You want sunshine. We've got it by the truck load out here! Wish I could send you some but believe me too much can be depressing at times and when the humidity kicks in lethargy and procrastination really take over.

But as someone (on the tele I think) from my distant past in England used to say 'Musn't grumble'.

Debs Riccio said...

John - I love that old 'musn't grumble' phrase! Terry Wogan even called his autobiography that!