Friday, 9 April 2010

Fridge Friday

Those Twitterers amongst us (of whom I am still not sure I can say hand on heart that I *am* one), will know of the thing called #FollowFriday# or #FF# in Tweet-speak. Basically it means that you have the chance to highlight names of some of your favourite Twits and pass their goodness (at least their @name) onto others on your list.
I, however, am still lost on the mechanics of such an exercise and decided to take a photo of my fridge instead. Because last time I checked Fridge starts with the letter F and today is Friday. Another F.
You can click to embiggen it - most of the stuff stuck to it hasn't changed much from when the Girl was about 7 or 8 - as you can see from some of the photos and drawings she's done of Ant, Dec and Mummy!
And of course there's the obligatory Juicing machine still on top of the fridge - from the day after the first time we used it and spent longer cleaning it than drinking whatever cocktail it produced!
So what's on YOUR fridge?!


Michele said...

I have a calendar which my boys deface constantly and loads in pictures of my US family in acrylic photo frame magnets- so the boys won't forget them. They haven't.

Jacqueline Christodoulou said...

I've got a pic of b/f holding a massive fish he caught with a little speech bubble saying 'Do you want chips with that?'.
And the alphabet x3 in magnetised letters where I write out the initials of projects I want to be a success in 'law of attraction vision board' stylee. And the 'menu' for this week which I cange every Sunday - I *have* to have a menu as thinking about what I will cook during the day takes time away from thinking about better things :-)

Debs Riccio said...

lol girls! - let's have a photo of them then! They reveal so much, don't you think? Mine is *saying* I never get an overhaul. Just added to. Much like the wardrobe methinks!