Sunday, 11 April 2010

Magic Moments

Y'know the ones - where you've got the biggest, baddest plate of decadence right in front of you and you know that if you don't start taking teeny weeny dolly bites then it's all going to be ... gone.... poof!  Just like that and all you'll have left is a tempting trace of the sweet stickiness that lingers just long enough on the roof of your mouth to remind you of just how glorious it all truly was.
....aaaaaaahhhhhh..... magic (or even Melting... now they were nice when we made them at school, right?) moments.
Trouble is, the Moment I'm having at the ...well, moment... is proving to be a a bit of a tough old plate of decadence to get shot of.  And I know there's an even nicer, second plate of puddingy delight to savour following this, so why can't I just hurry up and goddamnwell polish it off!
I should seriously renew my membership to Analogies Anonymous.  It's getting ridiculous.  I must have one hidden in any place that could secrete one.  Sometimes I wake up with one in my head.  Sometimes I can't sleep for thinking about where the next one is coming from.  And often I can think of two or three at a time.  It's bordering on uncontrollable.  I need help.
So I'm having trouble ending 'the book'.  The time-travelly one.  (which I think would make a great tag-line 'Let's Go Round Again' - "it's time-travelly").  I've been on the *last chapter* for the past two days.  And now it's turned into two last chapters.  Which makes the last chapter No.40 which is a nice, clean, round number, and the best age in the world to be (seriously... esp. when your b/f is only 29 - but enough of my salubrious past).  SO I'm kinda delighted.
But I can't let go of it.  Okay, it's a difficult premise to end sensibly without insulting the intelligence of the reader.  And also I know that once I've typed those magic words THE END, I will slip into a kind of sad stupor and mourn the passing of the thrill of the ride.  Because that's what it's like, right?
Only this time, I'm actually looking forward - I'll repeat this shall I?  LOOKING FORWARD, everybody - to editing this, the first draft.  And edits are notoriously NOT exciting in the least - normally.  And I know precisely what makes the very idea of this edit exciting - as opposed to not so much.
Well, because, it does what it says in the tag-line.  It's time-travelly.  And time travel is, if nothing else, a very exciting concept to be a part of whichever way you look at it.  And even though, at the end of it,  it won't be the complete, finished book, at least it will have enough bare-nakedness on it's bones (the bones are the very idea and the process which enables it to become a proper initial construction) for it to be dressed nicely - and then accessorized.  And boy, have I got some accesories I'd like to dangle from this baby's bones!
Ah -  there goes another Analogy.  See? I can't help myself.
C'mon... c'mon... c'mon..... I know I can do it.
I know of at least ONE person who will be delighted when this is completed - a friend who never normally reads but is now badgering for "next chapter please..." every time she's got to the end of the last one.  So if I can convert a non-reader into a Badger then - well, my work here is very nearly done.

And like Eric Morecame would say - I know all the right letters it's just getting them in the right order.

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