Tuesday, 29 June 2010

If Kermit wore nail varnish

This morning I told the girl (as she lounged about at 9 am in her cool bedroom and her PJ's eating Nutella on toast - her breakfast of choice - because she's finished her GCSE's now and apparently doesn't have to go back to school... like... EVER  - not that one, anyway, she's off to another one in September to begin her Sixth Form) FOCUS, FOCUS FOCUS... that as I hadn't got much to blog about, I thought I'd take a picture of my feet and let everyone see how lovely the nail varnish is that I brushed onto my toes last night.

I can't remember the exact words she used in reply to my plan but I'm certain they weren't "Yay! - what an amazingly brilliant idea, mother, everyone will be thrilled - hell, people may even emulate such a scheme... shall I wash up the breakfast things whilst you're at work and then prepare a lovely greek salad lunch for your return?"
So... there... they are, I mean - I wasn't trying to sound all smug about the toes or the varnish - they just are... there. See?

Hmm... only now I'm thinking it maybe wasn't such a brilliant idea.  They look like Kermit's legs (and toes) but the only light that looked good on them was green.  I think I'm getting old lady legs, but since I'm all of 5 feet and 9 inches away from them most of the time, I never put much thought into them.  And I've NEVER taken a photograph of them before.  This is surely summer-heat-madness or else I really AM hitting the senility rather too soon for comfort.  This is what happens when a person has little to blog about.  they take photographs of their nether regions and turn them green before throwing them out into the WWWorld for pretty much everyblogger to see.

Peter Andre would call it Insania.
If he cared.
p.s. doesn't he look like Gareth Gates there?


Talli Roland said...

I'm impressed you actually had the motivation to paint your nails! Every time I try to do it, I just lose the will to live and eat more ice-cream.

Debs Riccio said...

lol, Talli, it's the weather - nothing to do with motivation whatsoever. Darkened room, all windows open, daylight lamp over feet. Conditions have to be just 'right'!