Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I’m taking part in the Transworld Dan Brown Summer Reading Challenge!

See that?  There on the right? 
 I've just signed up for the Transworld Summer Reading Challenge and sent off for my four (FREE) chosen books.

These are they:
1. Matters of the Heart by  Danielle Steele - never read a SINGLE Danielle Steele in my life - isn't this called "stepping outside my comfort zone" or something?  And I've heard change is as good as a rest and rest is a thing I enjoy very much!
2. Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld - my lovely writer friend Keris blogged about this and I remember the cover looking pretty.  So easily pleased, I know.
3. Second Hand Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde - The Girl and I really enjoyed "Chasing Windmills" and so I already know I like the writing style of this author - can't wait to read another by her.
4. The Wish by Sasha Blake - Never heard of the book or the author (apologies if she's reading... yeah, right!) and thought the synopsis looked okay.

Once you've read one book and reviewed it (either on your blog or on the Amazon site) they'll send you your next choice.  Great idea, and I'm ALL FOR encouraging people to read - check out the Transworld link in red at the start of this post and sign up yourself.... well... what are you waiting for?!

(Oh, and thanks to Keris for the tip-off, btw).


Nikki-ann said...

I'm doing the challenge too! I chose:

If I Stay by Gayle Forman
61 Hours by Lee Child
Second Hand Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Bryant & May on the Loose by Christopher Fowler

Michele said...

Thanks Debs!

Talli Roland said...

Oh, I'm doing this too! Can't wait to receive my first book!

Debs Riccio said...

Nikki-ann, I very nearly chose If I Stay 'cos I've just finished reading it and I thought it might give me a head start - but it's a kind of cheating, isn't it? And I'd end up with 2 books the same... anyway I enjoyed it. We'll have to compare out thoughts on Second Hand Heart.
Michele - does this mean you're joining in too?
Talli - great - free books must be right up there with free chocolate, don't you think?!

Keris said...

Debs, Sasha Blake is Anna Maxted. You've read some of her books, haven't you? (Getting Over It is one of my faves.)

Debs Riccio said...

Keris, yup, heard of Anna Maxted, never read anything of hers. Are you doing this too?

Keris said...

I am, yes!