Thursday, 21 April 2011

Visual Delights...

I have to confess I didn't even know about this film when it came out, apart from reading comments on Facebook and Twitter from happy parents who'd taken their children to see it. (Hi, Keris, *waves*).  And after I'd read the back cover I still wasn't sure, but we watched it the other night (2 adults, 2 teenagers....) and we all LOVED it.  I *heart* when a miserable grouch, instead of getting his comeuppance, starts to thaw and melt and turn into a big old softie.  I actually had tears at the 'bedtime story' part.  And the best piece of dialogue was from that cute little girl there holding the Unicorn she finally wins at the fun-fair . When she spies him she squeaks:"Oh My God, he's so fluffy I'm going to die!"
Just brilliant.

"DUE DATE" (so good we watched it twice!)
Robert Downey Jr. has come a long way since his Charlie Chaplin/alcohol addled days and I'm so glad he's stuck with the comedy because apart from Bill Murray there's nobody on screen that does hangdog humour quite so perfectly and so laugh-out- loudly well.  
I'd never heard of Zach Galifianakis before (easy for me to say - NOT!) but as the over-emotional wannabe actor who's determined to scatter his dad's ashes which he keeps in a coffee tin, en route to making it BIG in Hollywood, he's a star. The dog's quite good too but I wish I hadn't seen a *certain scene* - you'll know the one I mean. Watch it if you're feeling irritable or in need of a pick-me-up.  You'll be glad you did.

Another film I don't remember hearing about 'coming to a movie theater near us' but give me potential catastrophe, give me a bunch of idiot Americans getting all confused about their emotions and each other and then throw in some weird vein-zombie-makeup, some pretty convincing Aliens (is there such a thing?) and I'm perfectly happy to munch a bag of Twiglets whilst watching their whole silly lives unravel and get squished before my eyes.  *spoiler alert* if you've ever been annoyed by Turk in Scrubs (Donald Faison) then there's a scene which you may find particularly satisfying!

 It's taken me a long time to discover how much I really *heart* period dramas.  I think I was in denial. This is just a stunning, stunning (see, words fail me, this is so..... stunning) portrayal of the utter grimness of Olde England tied in with heartbreaking betrayal and the worst kind of secrets... it's just incredible to watch.  The scenery is visually breathtaking and some of the scenes actually take my breath away, they're so perfectly painfully painted.  Oh, there's humour too, after all with Chris O'Dowd (The IT Crowd) as the male lead, there's bound to be some awkwardly splendid moments... he manages to combine idiocy and laziness with selfish lunacy - such a clever character.  And if you wanted to know what happened to Scully from the X-Files (Gillian Anderson)... she's turned into an East End Madam and she wears it well!

These visual delights were brought to you by the sheer happiness of having a 2 week Easter Break.  For highlights of the up-coming Royal Wedding, please find alternative sites.  Bah Handbag!


Keris said...

I welled up at the story in Despicable Me too. I think I've seen it four times now...

And The Crimson Petal is AMAZING. Love it. Have you read the book? So. Good.

Debs Riccio said...

Oh bless you, I know... it's such a lovely story (Despicable Me). And no, I haven't read the Crimson Petal - I worry that I've spoilt a good read after seeing a TV adaptation - but then I loved High Fidelity (the book) after having watched the film like a gazillion times... so, maybe I will.

Alice said...

Um you forgot The Four Feathers....

Keris said...

Well, the book is 800 pages so there's a LOT more than we've seen in the adaptation.

Debs Riccio said...

Oh, and we watched The Four Feathers, which although isn't a new release, stars Heath Ledger and that HAS to get a mention (thanks Alice!). A bit of an epic but very watchable.
Keris - 800 flippin' pages? I'm just finishing 'The Secret History' at 500 and thought that was pretty good going!