Saturday, 4 April 2009

Little Things = Big Difference

You know what I mean.
It could be anything. A thing so simple that it turns an otherwise perfectly lovely day into either something resembling that worrying scene from 'The Day After Tomorrow' - or into a prettifull, sumptuous scene from the jolly and sunny 'Wizard of Oz' (except the scene with those weird scary monkeys with spears).
It doesn't take a lot to alter the perspective does it? A mis-read repeat prescription request for example. When you automatically ASS-U.ME that a doctor or at the very least the doctor's admin staff are going to be able to read and get it right, before you're standing in a long queue at the chemists waiting to pick up half the quantity you requested (you thought it was going to be far sinsiter than that didn't you?).
And then you discover that someone you worked for for nearly five years has overlooked this small fact and invited your successor (of five minutes) to her surprise Birthday Party - okay, I'm guessing SHE didn't do this on purpose but the people who organised the thing did - humph.
And then just as you've been searching all the shelves for a certain publication for Hubby in Smiths, rubbing very suspect shoulders of other 'men with certain interests', and then had to resort to asking for help from a teenage Saturday assistant who finds it in no time at all... then .... THEN to be texted whilst I'm putting my change away - still at the tills - by said Hubby 'don't worry - don't need this week's after all.'
And then on the way home, waiting in a stream of midday traffic to turn left (easy peasy but I'm not a 'pusher-inner') one of my Best Friends drives past with her daughter and they give me a cheery wave of 'hello' whilst NOT LETTING ME OUT!!! AAaaaarghhhhhhhh!
But ...then there's the other side of the coin, isn't there?
I did get a load of 'love you's at the end of Hubby's text. Bless. The School holiday's start today - woo hoo! The sun's still streaming. I've done two loads of washing today and it's still only three pee em. And I have absolutely no inclination whatsoever to hoover.
I am a Writer. I Write.
If I was meant to Hoover I'd be a Hoove. Well, wouldn't I?


Clodagh said...

Congrats on the birth of your new blog, Debs! Hope you enjoy it.

Deborah Riccio said...

Thanks Clodagh - have a feeling I'm gonna be feeling guilty for not paying it enough attention, but hey - I'll give it a shot!