Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Eight Things I Don't Like (can I sub-categorise? Well, I'm gonna!)

1. Bad manners. This includes:
a. Drivers who pull out in front of you as if you're driving an invisible car and then slow to enjoy the scenery.
b. Drivers who don't acknowledge thanks when you've stopped to let them past parked cars and/or out of a junction/wherever. How much does a 'thanks' cost again?
c. Drivers who don't care whose lives they endanger by holding a mobile phone to their ears whilst smoking with the other hand. (Begs the question what the F**k are they steering with?!)
d. Drivers who won't let you cross the road when there's nothing coming the other way simply because it's 8.12am and they know you're on a school run and therefore have no brain cells because you're an airhead mother who should be staying at home and baking muffins for her husband whilst home-tutoring the child who will NEVER get to school as long as it sits waiting in the goddam car for someone to let it out!
e. Drivers who park anywhere they like and escape the wrath of the Traffic Wardens (are they still called that or are they now something like prohibitive vehicle engineers?)
f. Drivers who park skewed over two spaces so that you have to drive another mile to find somewhere else.
g. Drivers who slam their doors into yours when they get back into their car simply because they have an old G-reg Skoda and know you live in fear of your husband thinking you simply cannot take the car out without bringing it home minus a bit more paint.
h. Drivers who escape running red lights/speed limits/other illegal traffic offences.
i. Drivers.
j. Oops... see a bit of a pattern emerging here...!

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