Monday, 18 May 2009

Eight Things...

Since a whole bunch of blogger pals are doing this, thought I'd have a wee think and pass on my own Eight Things, here's the first two categories:
Eight Things I Like:
1. Writing. And the time in which to do it justice.
2. Being a mother.
3. Being in love.
4. Reading (not the town - although I'm sure it's a lovely place)
5. Tea. Just keep it comin'!
6. A bargain - anything from a charity shop find to the Blue Cross Sale (although I'd never camp out - I like to 'stumble across' my bargains when I'm least expecting them).
7. Getting great ideas, from choice of wallpaper/recipe to the new book.
8. Belonging to an elite group of like-minded people who totally 'get' where I'm at (you know who you are!)

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Nagged. (Apparently) (see 3)
2. Whinged. (Allegedly) (see 4)
3. Did the Sainsbury's run (with hubby so the bill was doubled - just like taking a child!)
4. Backed up everything on the 'puter cos we're getting a new tower. (Am total technophobe therefore took hours longer than it realistically should have and I'm still sure I've lost major components of my life through my ineptitude).
5. Caught up on X-Factor and Eurovision Song contest (sad, I know) as we were at the cinema watching 'Angels & Demons' the night before (should have just stayed home in hindsight).
6. Made a toad in the hole (Sunday lunches just ain't what they used to be!)
7. Made packed lunches for hubby and Mini-me for today.
8. Hoovered upstairs (whole house at a time? I am NOT Anthea Turner)

More eight things coming when I can't think of anything else to post!

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