Monday, 14 September 2009

OMG! Drink Me!

This feeling needs to be bottled so that in ‘leaner times’ I can pop back here, have a wee read and remember exactly how much my fingers are tingling, my heart is bubbling and my body is fizzing.
And I’m not even a character in a Chick Lit book although I am portraying some scarily familiar characteristics.
Because I’ve just got back from my paid job, opened my inbox and received replies from Two of my Top Nine Agents – one asking for a full (“what I’ve read already has made me laugh”), the other a partial (“sounds wonderful”).
In the words of my wonderful webwritingfriend, Keris, OMG! (don’t think that WTF! is warranted somehow though).
I’ve never had more than a cursory ‘not for us’ before and this, for me, is probably the BEST feeling I’ve had since I got the fuzzies for my gorgeous husband all those years ago.
I can’t go on (and on... like I do) because I have to print off the first three chapters and head over to the Post Office. I even have to mark it for the attention of a particular agent so it gets direct to HER!
I want to remember how great this feels.
Even if I never feel the like of it again – even if it never comes to anything and they think the rest of the story is shite – this feeling is blimmin’ brilliant!

Um… did I say OMG!


Deb said...

OMG Debs! This is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - and why have you not emailed me and told me yet?;)Isn't it a fabulous feeling to be asked for more? I bet you're bouncing off the wall right now and also panicking that in all the excitement, you remembered a)to print off the right chapters, b) enclosed the letter with your contact details on, c)enclosed an SAE ...and I bet you also sealed the envelope, opened it up again to check that you had everything in there and repeated this process several times over and now it is in the hands of Royal Mail you will lose sleep at night wondering a)did you print off the right chapters....b)did you enclose your contact details...hee-hee!
I am over the moon for you, Debs. Keeping fingers, toes, eyeballs crossed for you! Well done that girl! xxx

Debs Riccio said...

Bless you my witchy friend! Did you put a spell on me or something?!
Haven't had time to e-mail anyone yet - been trying to make sure the rest of the book is as good as can be and not just the first three chapters - OMG indeed!

Jacqueline Christodoulou said...

Thats so brilliant Debs and you so deserve it! Keep me posted!

Clodagh said...

OMG Debs, that is fantastic - and couldn't have happened at a better time! So happy for you!

C x