Saturday, 26 December 2009

An Xmas Xcess I didn't xpect!

The fact that I'm sitting here with a bijou glass of Baileys (ok, then, the Lidl half-price equivalent therefore we can legitimately buy two bottles and it's JUST as lovely) you'd be forgiven for thinking that the excess to which I refer is probably alcohol-related.
If I then said that following this posting - and I've SO missed posting and reading everyone else's blogs even after only 2 days' abstinence - I will be reheating a slice of Christmas Pudding and scraping the rest of the homemade brandy butter over the top of it in front of Ant & Dec (the TV stars not our cats, but they will also be there of course) ... then you might even think my excess to be of the usual gastronomical variety.  But you'd still be a tad off course...

Well, yeah I have to hold my hands up to being the closest I've ever been to a Brazilian judging by the alarmingly reduced level of the nuts bowl but even so...
Not booze, not food, so what?

Ok.  I hate riddles just as much as you do.  I'll come straight out with it.  It's David Tennant.  And for me, an excess of DT is like the severest form of a Win-Win situation I can think of in this cheap-facsimile-of-Bailey's-addled moment in time.
Just don't ask the hubby.  In fact just pretend you didn't notice.  I've been trying to but it's so damned hard.
Because you have to admit it, he HAS been EVERYWHERE this Christmas, hasn't he?
I mean if he's not raising a very suggestive eyebrow at a bunch of grazing reindeer outside his snow-drifted TARDIS and then riding them hard across a festive sky (Oo-er Missus) then he's chairing the latest episode of 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' - and doing it superbly I might add.
And then he's popping up as a guest on the seasonal edition of Q.I and showing off his intelligence along with his all-consuming foxiness.  And then the eagerly awaited Christmas Night episode of Dr Who (which he HAS to appear in, lets face it - even hubby can't have a moan at that surely?  Well, he tried) followed by - and I WAS joking when I quipped merrily "hey I bet David Tennant will be in this somewhere" but even that proved to be right on the money - during the Catherine Tate 'Nan's Christmas Carol' he appeared as the fruity Ghost of Christmas Present - priceless!
But hubby drew the line at taking the foxy timelord to Focus Do-it-all this afternoon while he was standing in for Johnathan Ross on Radio Two.  That was okay though, I'd managed to listen to most of it anyway and although I could've listened to the rest of the show, I knew that later on there was always Hamlet...
Which I'm recording.
Well, there's only so much a self-respecting wife can take of her husband's eye-rolling and thin exasperated sighs of sheer contempt.

Merry Xcess everybody!

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