Monday, 28 December 2009

Five Tips for a Flat Belly!

Fed up with those annoying little pop-ups that... well, pop up when you least expect or want them to? Well it got me to thinking of my own tips for a flat belly and they are so simple you'll be beating a path to my door for the next five.  Here goes and feel free to add or elaborate where you will:
1. Throw all the tin-foiled leftovers in the fridge away.  I know your mother did it and the turkey does make a very nice stew/curry/cold sandwich but really, do you seriously believe you'll be reheating the remains of the Christmas pudding and scraping the hardened brandy butter out of the tin-foiled carton within it's use by date? Hmm? Do you?
2. Forget about the starving millions.  I mean this in a *nice* *don't feel guilt-ridden* way.  The third world will not get any worse if you throw away 4-5 day old sausage rolls and assortment of cold cuts of ham and cheese. If you don't say anything then neither shall I.
3. Step away from the tins of Quality Street and or Celebrations (after having eaten all the Purple/Snickers ones of course - sly nod to Lane!). In fact if you don't even open them in the first place, you have a ready made gift for someone else's Birthday/Christmas next year.  Who's going to know?
4. Turn off the TV and go do something else instead.  Or if you do enjoy loafing it up in front of half-decent festive programmes, and let's face it, who doesn't?  Then make sure all the nibbles are removed and the bottles of Christmas booze are so far out of reach that you can't be arsed to go fetch them.
5. Ignore all the above and spend a good day and a half making sure ALL leftovers are systematically, nay - religiously - consumed in varying degrees of nibble-mania - thus ensuring you spend the next day and a half throwing it back up from both ends because you've forgotten to leave the 'eat by'dates on all the crap you've had opened for nearly a week.
Ah bliss... no wonder Gym membership soars at this time of year.  And plumbers have their largest call-outs.
New Years Resolutions anybody?

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Jacqueline Christodoulou said...

Thank for the tips, Debs, I'm going with number five but it seems to be Groundhog Day!
I'm holding off the New Years Resolutions spreadsheet with deadlines and digging out the Davina McCall Power of Three for this evening!