Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow Day Anyone?

It's getting beyond a joke, isn't it?  Along with the ' leaves on the track' and the 'wrong type of rain' (seriously) British Rail will do anything to get round a reason for a  train delay. And now they'll be turning to the old 'it's been snowing' chestnut - again.  For the second time in as many weeks.  I ask you.
And whilst this doesn't in any way affect me per se - I drive to work ... like a silly scaredy nellie currently, maybe you've heard - so this weather is definitely going to put a lot more wind up me than is necessary right now.  If anyone cares to pop along our road at 8.15 am tomorrow morning be prepared to witness the latest audition of OAP's on ice.  In cars.
And there was a definite frisson making the rounds at work this afternoon as I leftLittle squeaks of "Oooh, might not see you tomorrow if it snows tonight" and excited whisperings in the corridor about how we might all be stranded in our homes when we wake up in the morning.
Which thrill is all well and good before the event, but come the morning, after the initial euphoria of waking up to five inches (ooeer missus) we half-expected and then getting the phone calls and texts from excited colleagues heralding another "snow day - school shut - woo-hoo - enjoy!"  there's the dull realisation that actually it's going to be bloody freezing, we're about to run out of loo rolls and Sainsbury's is a treacherous slalem away as the tobboggan flies.
And if, like me, you don't particularly like snow except to look at (and after a while you need sunglasses and a couple of Panadol even for that) through a window with a fire keeping your calves warm - yes, we even have  the livestock in the living room on a snow day - then  the actual event is a trying one at the very least.  The woo-hoo, we can't get to work kinda wears off on me after about twenty minutes.
Woo-hoo - ok, tea, biscuits, Jeremy Kyle, now what?
That's what.
With sunglasses on.
And that, folks, is no(w) joke!


Michele said...

I'm going to have to part company with you, Debs. Coming from Buffalo, which averaged 120 inches of snow a season, I never get tired of a snow day. I say bring it on. As for me, I'll be on the couch, under the duvet watching Eastenders.

Debs Riccio said...

I wish I was under the duvet with you Michele (in a non-Lesbian type way I mean) with a packet of Panadol. Already halfway through first packet - it's pretty but painful. What can I say?!

Deb said...

We must be living a parallel existence, Debs. We too have run out of loo paper and Sainsburys is just too far to ski!

Debs Riccio said...

Spooky Debs!
Debs x