Monday, 15 February 2010

Hope Over Heels

My gorgeous-ly tolerant and eternally optimistic-in-the-face-of-adversity Hubby bought me a couple of CD's for Valentine's Day yesterday.
On Friday, the girls at work had asked me what I was getting  him and I was still undecided.  But I said that if I didn't get the damned Michael Buble CD I'd put VERY STRONGLY on my Christmas Wish List ("Ahhh but there's always your New Year's present"  oh yeah?) then he would be getting a divorce. Of course I didn't mean it.
So as the Girl had been working on his memory ever since the non-appearance of the New Years present (or ANY New Years present, come to think of it) I wasn't surprised to watch Michael Buble drop onto my bed after I'd torn off his outer coverings *cold shower*.

Although I wasn't expecting Susan Boyle to land on top of him.
I put her off for about two hours of Buble delight but she begged to be heard.  And what I did hear made my insides curl up with happiness and absolute joy.
Jeez, but this woman can sing with more emotion than I've heard in any other singer's voice for a long time (Buble excluded of course).  I haven't stopped playing it.  It's on in the car, the kitchen, even whilst I'm writing. And that's unheard of - I can't usually concentrate with any music in the background.  Different with Su-Bo.  She's a feisty, gutsy, determined, emotional, ordinary woman who's not scared to just be herself.
I can't lie that we didn't watch Her Story which was on over Christmas and I sobbed like a proud mother at it.  I have also just read the notes she's made alongside each of the songs she sings on the album and it made me cry again.
And I know it's all down to good lighting and Spandex and great make-up and frocks, but she looks so lovely in the picutres too.
She's making her dreams come true. She's making her late mum's dream come true.  The fact that she's started her Dream at the age she is, in the 'condition' that she was in, gives me hope.
And anything that gives me hope is a good thing.


Lane said...

Susan Boyle on top of Michael Buble. Now that's an image:-)

As for hope, I find the older I get, the more I need it. And I'll take it from any source - Su-bo included.

Debs Riccio said...

Ah yes, and whoever 'they' are, say that this Hope thing, floats. Let's hope....