Thursday, 11 February 2010

Snippets from The Resources Room

I should explain that the Resources Room is where I spend 4 hours of my day.  I get paid for creating backgrounds onto which children's work is displayed throughout the school.  There're loads of them. Sometimes it feels like the're taking over the world. And some of the discussions overheard within our hallowed walls you probably wouldn't find in any other occupation...

1. "Do you think we should put the Lunar Module actually ON the surface or leave it hanging about in space?"
(Unlikely to have been said by anyone in NASA at the time of the moon landing although I haven't  bothered to confirm this. Anne Other and I decided that our contribution to the historial event would probably have been "Houston we have a problem - we're clean out of Hob-Nobs")
2. "Oh my god I left Queen Victoria in the Printing Room!"
She was wondering where I'd got to.

3. "The world needs blowing up before it goes in the Library"
(I can never remember to say "enlarging")

4. "Pauline's making the muscle man bigger - she's better at it than me"
She is.  What can I say?

5. "Should Albert go beside Victoria or does he look better on top?"
We positioned him in a manner less open to controversy in the end.

6. "We need to do something with Uranus, it looks more like a Christmas pudding from here".
It still does.

I'm so glad I don't have a *normal*  job - this is way more fun!


Michele said...

Even when you don't mean to be, you are so funny!

Debs Riccio said...

Thanks Michele - I like it when I get a laugh! x