Monday, 22 March 2010

A Photo MeMe

The lovely Anne Dunlop tagged me in a Photo Meme and I'm hereby tagging those at the bottom of this one... find the oldest picture folder on your pc and upload the 10th.  Here's mine.  And it's - obviously - one of The Girl.  In the wonderful garden we had at our last house.  The dog by her side belonged to a nice man I worked with called Paul who was round helping us clear rubbish from the back of the shed, dismantling the swing and generally being a very great help.  We loved our little 'Wendy House' at Greenveiw and we do miss it's lushness and the fact it was self-maintaining (i.e. didn't need anything major doing to it bar the odd trim).  This was our last summer here because (exactly, spookily) 8 weeks later my dad would die and we would be upping sticks and moving about 2 miles up't'road to where we are now.
Ah the memories - not least of those teensy tiny plaits that the Girl would insist I weave through the front ofher hair with  painstakingly regularity.  And that damned T-shirt which I got her in the BHS mid-summer sale with the almost-completely silver glittered logo which ended up covering the rest of our clothes in silver specks for the remainder of the summer.  Now it's YOUR turn...
Michele Brouder,
Jacqui Christodoulou
Keris Stainton,
Fionnuala Kearney.

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