Thursday, 10 June 2010

PROMinent Stuff

See these shoes?  The Girl will be wearing these to her Prom at the end of the month.  And whilst I don't want to come over all Sex And The City gushing-over-designer-footwear, I have to admit that these are A Work Of  Art and somebody somewhere is very clever indeed where the design of shoes is concerned.

For not only are these beautiful works of art flocked - yes, flocked! - on the outside (like the inside of a very posh 80's pub lounge) they also boast interior heel-to-toe carpetting.  Yes, carpetting!  And as the piece de resistance, there is an abundance of lush, co-ordinating foliage on the toes.  And a colourful extravaganza of Indian Squaws painted on the soles.  Incredible.

Although there was a very sad, typical 'OMG what ARE you doing, mother, please not in public' moment when we were in the shop.  Whilst the Girl's face flushed excitedly at the sight of these works of art, my frown was saying something more along the lines of "what on earth would posses a person to wear a pair of flocked, carpeted shoes with heels so high you could wash the windows upstairs without the aid of a ladder" type thing.
But then I tried them on and turned into Cinderella.  Albeit momentarily - until they were whipped away from me and herded towards the box and the till and home.

Oh, and this here's the equally gorgeous dress the Girl will be wearing.  I can't wait for the whole thing to come together, although I know I shall be a blubbery wreck of emotion thinking about how only yesterday I could fit her whole foot in my mouth and blow raspberries on her belly to squeals of delight.
 Whereas that was probably more like a fortnight ago...


Talli Roland said...

Ooh, GORGEOUS shoes! I'm sure your daughter will look beautiful on the night!

Debs Riccio said...

Thanks Talli - she will!

Deb said...

Like mother, like daughter - gorgeous! xxx

Lane said...

Good gracious, they are marvellous. I want pictures on the soles of all my shoes now:-)

Your Girl is going to look totally fabulous:-)

ps How, just how, did they grow up so fast? We should never have allowed it:-)

Debs Riccio said...

Aw Debs - thanks - how sweet (and incredibly kind, if not slightly short-sighted) of you!
Lane - I know - HOW does this happen ??? I thought babies were for life - not just the first few months!
p.s. Isn't there a Paul Simon song with the words "pictures on the soles of her shoes" or something l like that?