Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Two Good Things...

An ex boyfriend of mine was hugely irritating in many and varied ways but there was one irritation that really stood out for me and that was his daily - yes, DAILY query of:
"So tell me your Good Thing"  and, even though it made me feel like a child of five, I always battled to find just ONE thing to shut him up.  For, he would not desist until the Good Thing was revealed ...  even if it had been that the sun had simply shone... I caught on quick, mind,  and made things up most of the time just to be rid of his incessant repetition but sometimes I surprised myself by revealing an actual wonderment of the first buds of life poking through the soil in the Spring.  I know...I know... give me a Daff and I'll wax lyrical 'til the cows come home - so long as it's the right time of the month, you understand.

Anyway - these are the Two things that stood out for me today.  And even at the time I thought 'Wow' and 'Crikey' (in that order):-

1. My lovely shiny new bedfellow (Mr Blackberry - now there's NOTHING irritating about this young chap) alerted me at 7 o'clock - the time I have told him he is allowed to start speaking - that I had an e-mail.  And so for the next few minutes I sat up in bed at 7 o'clock in the morning reading an e-mail from my lovely cousin in Australia who make me smile, cheered me and kept me up to date on his two ageing parents - my Aunt and Uncle (also my Godparents) who aren't do so good right now.  But I marvelled at how technology is so bloody clever, for me to be able to sit up in bed reading mail sent from the other side of the world and being made to smile first thing in the morning by a cousin I last saw when I was about 7.  Amazing.

2. Just now, whilst I was bringing in the washing from the line in the garden, I happened to look up and there, in the (still blue even at 9pm) sky was a very close red, white and yellow hot air balloon, floating right over our house.  It looked beautiful.  And it was so close I could hear the gas (is it?) hissing and when I waved, the flames were released three times.  And even though I hadn't got my seeing specs on, I took this as a sign that they'd seen me.  A flamey wave, if you like.  And the cutest thing was that Ant (the Christmas Tree cat for anyone who wants to flip back to the December posts and see just how majestic he truly is) was watching in.. well, wonderment wouldn't be really the right word.  Stunned surprise I think it might have been.  he's never seen a bird that fat and that slow before and I think he was a bit bemused at its relaxed attitude about soaring over the garden as if it wasn't the least bit frightened of his feline ways.

So there.  I shall be looking out for Two Good Things tomorrow now... How 'bout you?


Michele said...

I like this idea- I'll look for 2 good things tomorrow. On Sunday, which was an absolutely gorgeous day, I marvelled that it was a CLOUDLESS blue sky- I can't remember the last time there wasn't a cloud in the sky here in Ireland.

Debs Riccio said...

Well done, Michele - although (and irritating Ex-B used to remind me of this condition - oh yes, there are CONDITIONS to being cheerful!) you can't always rely on the weather - although I think cloudless counts - that's such a rarity. If it was merely (merely!) sunny, that really wouldn't do! (knew there was a reason he's an Ex!)

Trina Rea said...

I do this too. I ask my husband at the end of the day what was his 'high' and 'low'. Then he asks me. I love hearing his answers and also searching for my own. Though often we skip the 'low point' and just ask for the high point. x

Debs Riccio said...

Aw, Trina - that's lovely. And it's probably very good therapy. Although when I was leaping up and down in the back garden pointing to the balloon and squealing "come and see this, come on, come on, you'll miss it!" hubby appeared all bleary and not very excitedly at the door and snarled that he was missing the football for something he'd seen loads of times and what was the big deal? Hmm... might have to work on him!