Sunday, 29 August 2010

Follow these instructions, esp. if the weather's rubbish:

It's not often I get an attack of the pozzitivities and there's no particular reason I should have a sudden outbreak of them right now.  I mean, it's a(nother) grey and bleak-looking morning outside, my hair got so sun-stricken in Italy that I've just had the Hubs touch me up in the the kitchen (root-wise, not 'other'wise - we're very Health & Safety conscious here you know and there's always something to slip on lying about on the floor - romantic acrobatics are a thing of the past) and it's back to work this week after a lovely break of 6 weeks.  Which is always a downer.

And yesterday I heard that another 2 of my writer friends have secured the elusive Agent (Jacqui, Anstey, I *heart* you both) which although made me very happy for them, spiked my gut with the pessimistic stick of 'why(not)me'?

Oh, and I was given some medical information three days ago which I will blog about at another date.  Maybe.  Which isn't particularly great news.

On other hand, the weather can only improve, my hair will now look and feel happier for another few weeks and going back to work isn't ever as bad as I always think it will be.  In fact it makes the days longer because I'm not lounging about in my pit until half nine every morning with the excuse that I'm 'working' on another book review (i.e. reading.. or playing "Wordmole" more likely).

And I can write.  If I just blinkin' well do it and stop moaning on about 'giving up'.  Because who the heck is going to know that I can write unless I prove that I can, by stringing some sentences together and showing it off a bit and making it happen? And how exciting is it that someone can do something creative and KNOW that they can.  Hmm?  The Hubs is good with his hands, he could turn a piece of driftwood into anything you wanted and I can turn some letters into a whole new world. I just have to do it.

The Girl is home again too, right now, and that has to be THE BEST thing ever.   And there's a huge family Birthday party later on today and her Boy is coming with her.  Things are good.

So, whatever your Bank holiday plans, people - who knows - it could be a groovy kinda one. *big kiss*
[This post was brought to you by the letter P for Pozzzzzitivitiy.  Make the most of it - it doesn't come round too often]


Jacqueline Christodoulou said...

Debs it *WILL* be you anytime now. It will.
But more important I hope your health is OK?

Debs Riccio said...

my health... ah yes, I remember that! thanks for the belief and the thought x