Saturday, 9 October 2010

Creature Crushes

It probably started with Thomas O'Malley.  From the Aristocats...   the Alley Cat.
Apart from him and Elvis Presley (oh and Andrew McChesney who was in my class and who got to see my knickers more than my mother did) there weren't many things that could make my heart flutter at aged 7.  But he did.  Big time.
I don't know if it was his voice, his slinky gait or his demeanour.  Or the way that he selflessly, recklessly saved little Marie's life when they'd been catnapped by Edgar the nasty Butler.
I just know that whenever I hear his dulcit tones, then I'm off - away to happy-land.

The same happened with Baloo from Jungle Book.  And I've a sneaking suspicion he had the same voice-over as Giuseppe Casey (That's one of Thomas O'Malleys  pseudonyms..... Abraham de Lacey's another.  What I don't know about this feline fox isn't worth knowing, seriously, I'm sad like that).
So perhaps it's the voice.  I could have floated away on Baloo's belly down that river instead of the man-cub and I'd still be there now.  In a cartoon world, obvs.
He's just so laid back, isn't he?  Not a care in the world.  he's funny.  And his fashion sense doesn't date.  And his moves on the dancefloor....! He has the furry equivalent of everything a girl could possibly want.
Well, hasn't he?

I'm almost scared to admit the next one because he's so far removed from these two self-assured, relaxed beasts, but I'd have given anything to have been Pumbaa - if only to get to hang around with Timon for even one day.  They guy is just hilarious (is he a Jewish Meerkat?)  and I'm sure he'd be such great company.  Okay, so he's not sexy per se, but he does have a certain allure, don't you think?  And funny guys have always had an automatic appeal as far as I'm concerned.
I don't know of anybody else who has a crush on Martin Clunes, Rik Mayall and David Mitchell - not all at once anyway - but then perhaps I've never mentioned it to anyone before.

So Alexander the Meerkat on that Compare advert, of course, pushes the right buttons. He is Oscar Wilde with fur.   We HAVE to watch when he's on.  And there's no other ad that'll make me insist on this.  Although there was the Lloyds TSB Aardvark in blue shorts.  Where'd he go all of a sudden?

Lastly, and it must be the foxy nature, but it's the hero of Starfox Adventures (does he moonlight for those  'Foxy Bingo' ads?). And along with the self-assuredness, the stylish fashion sense and the glint of cheekiness in his eyes, it HAS to be because of the tail.  Thick, glossy, swishy and very, very sexy!

So, anybody else feel able to fess up to any creature crushes?  Go on,  you know you want to!

p.s...In Boots.  Actually there's a pattern beginning to emerge here (apart from the Baloo thing... and that could be just his voice) they're slinky, they have attitude, they are all a bit ginger and ... um boots?


Jenny said...

So funny!

I had a creature crush on the dad Lion in Lion King. He was so powerful. Also think Robin Hood from the Disney cartoon is uber cute! x

Debs Riccio said...

Oooh ... how could I leave out Mufasa -you're absolutely right!

Keris said...

Ha! I may have a sneaking regard for Sully from Monsters Inc...

Debs Riccio said...

Keris - had to Google him, but Sully is PROPER eye-candy - how'd I not see this before?!

Lane said...

Ah that voice. It was so rich!

There's something about a good voice - even if they are a cartoon character:-)

Debs Riccio said...

Lane, that's Sssooo true - I once kept hold of a boyfriend 'cos he was so great on the ears... trouble was I had my eyes shut so much; banging into stuff when I was with him, he had to go.

Talli Roland said...

A creature crush! I loved the fox in the Fox and the Hound. So cute!

Oh yes - and Keris just reminded me of Sully in Monsters.

Jen Daiker said...

Debs I love your blog, so I'm now officially following!! I found your comment over at Talli's place and had to say hello!!

Hmmm creature crushes, I'd say I love Dobby from Harry Potter. He isn't exactly cute, but his love for Harry and dedication and loyalty is amazing! I'd love a house-elf for a friend!

Debs Riccio said...

Thanks for joining my happy band of followers, Jen - and, of course, Dobby - how could I have overlooked him and his need for socks... bless!