Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Captain's Blog: Stardate Eight Twelve Ten

So I’ve been a bit quiet around these parts lately.  I’ve been quiet around most parts actually, don’t take it personally, will you?
I’ve started posts and deleted them, I’ve commented on other Blogger’s posts and deleted them and, like Mr Sinatra, I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and cried etc... but not found much about anything very amusing, to be honest.

I’ve cancelled my Counselling sessions.  I should be off there now, but last week was my last.  I didn’t feel it was making any difference – it’s not much fun having to drive with shredded nerves, to sit and talk for 50 minutes, leaving in tears,  £20 poorer and having to face mad traffic on the way home again. Not relaxing.  Not at all. In fact stressy I’d say.

Oh, I’ve heard from an Agent - let’s call her Agent#2, shall we?  a couple of weeks ago.  Someone I’d forgotten I’d subbed anything to because it was back in the summer.  She said she liked the partial of the time travelly thing I sent her and wanted to read the rest.  She also told me she remembered the last book I sent her being a “close call”. (This throwaway comment will probably keep me going for the next 12 months… how about having a “close call” and not knowing about it?  To me it had been a simple Rejection, like all the others.)
Anyway, I sent her the rest of the manuscript and cheekily also snuck in the opening chapters of the current teenage thing I’ve nearly finished.  And she mailed back saying thanks and she loved the cheeky opening; she’d get back to me when she’d read the requested book.
And so begins the wait.

Then I heard back from Agent#1 who’d been interested at the beginning of the year; apologising profusely for not getting back to me about the 2nd rewrite I’d done following her suggestions and comments, and offering more suggestions and comments, and asking if the ending could be changed for a third time.
I commented on her comments and made my own suggestions and she came back telling me they sounded great.
So I’m re-writing the re-written re-write.  Again.
And I thought I’d hate it.  Having to re-arrange plots, character personalities, sub-plots and settings – oh and the tricksy little matter of another different ending!  No mean feat, let me tell you.
But it’s actually put me firmly back in the writing seat.  It’s not plain sailing, but I’m enjoying writing again and I don’t feel like I’m spitting into the wind.
I wonder where this will lead?
It’s the farthest I’ve ever got to on the road to literary representation and I think it’s made of cobblestones; a bit dodgy underfoot and I’m not sure which direction it might make me veer onto.  I may crash and burn (enough already…) or this may be the open road that finally lets me breathe and relax with the joy of a beautiful ride and fantastic scenery.
Oh Analogies how I’ve missed you.

I’ll keep you posted.
If you like.


Sarah said...

Yay, Debs! Very exciting news - well done! And I'm in awe of your perseverance and good attitude... Could you send some of that my way, please?!

Debs Riccio said...

Wow, Sarah, really...? perseverance... good attitude..... awe? You've made my day, 'cos here I was thinking how pants everything was and how nobody's going to be the slightest bit interested at how far I STILL haven't got. Bless you!

jc said...

I like! And keep me posted, stamped and franked as I really want to know what happens.

Oh, and Happy Christmas

Deb said...

Hang in there, kid! You're doing just fine. Enjoy the exciting journey and stop worrying so much all the time or assuming the worse!

Debs Riccio said...

Thanks jc (the cards are in the post - HONEST) and Debs - will do. And will do. x