Saturday, 12 March 2011

Onwards and ... onwards

...cos this is what seems to be happening lately.  Seems I don't have time to blog more than once a week *even though I have PLENTY of  time to Tweet and Facebook and other distractionally things of course* and  although the housework (which is a four-letter word) NEVER gets done anyway, time still seems to be slipping through my ever-ageing fingers.  Nice image.  Wrinkly, papery old lady fingers and... as usual I am digressing.

Anyway... nice stuff  happened this week:
Even though I felt crappy - maybe even because I felt crappy on Tuesday, I started subbing 'Grounded', and...
(apart from the lovely telephone call from Ann Agent, which I don't want to reveal too much about in case it *jinxes* anything.  Not that I'm superstitious or owt.. never have been, touch-wood) I  received a total of 11 requests for sample chapters.  Of course some have already got back saying 'not for us' but still, a  request is a request - I must be doing something right, right?!

I was also told that I'd been chosen by the Chris Evans BBC2/Hay Festival organisers to help judge the entries for childrens (13 and under) 500 words short story competition, and my bundle of stories will be arriving this week... AND...

I had the pleasure of receiving and reading a new book by Sophie Page called 'To Marry a Prince' which was a lovely, light read and did what it said on the cover.  Then I was told I'd won two - yes TWO books... one of which is 'The Hating Game' by lovely writerly friend, Talli Roland - whose blog is FABULOUSO (as is she) and also a book given away BY Talli - such Karma! And winning a book is so thrilling even though it means my piles are getting bigger (of TBR's I mean).

And today, after the momumental kerfuffle in Specsavers with my newly (mis) prescribed varifocals - just don't ask.... I was  delighted to come home to a book sent by Publishers Choc Lit, - we do guest spots on Strictly Writing for some of their authors.  Only this one came with the added bonus of.... a bar of chocolate... (dark with ginger pieces - which,  next to dark with chilli, is my absolute favouritest although I don't know how they could possibly have known... Karma again).

BUT...the cherry on the cake  this week  HAS to be the 'quick e-mail' from Agent 1 (who is still deliberating on Double History) saying that she's started reading Grounded and said that my writing "as usual is like a breath of fresh air".... WHOOOOOOOP!

I can't tell you how many metres I soared on reading and re-and re- and re-reading that!

I have this rare feeling of things beginning to shift slightly and in a good direction... although knowing my luck it could just as easily be indigestion!


Michele said...

Holding my breath for you and wishing you the best(cuz no one deserves it more)

Debs Riccio said...

Aw thanks, Michele x

Belle said...

I am just SO proud of you Debs, no matter what crap life throws at you, you just dust yourself off and keep on trucking. Nobody deserves a break more than you, and you know what? I think you might just be about to get one. ABOUT TIME TOO :) Bege xxxx

Deb said...

A good week then, Debs?
Am really proud of you!

Talli Roland said...

Aw, thank you so much for the kind words and the linkage! :) You deserve all the good karma and more! Keep us posted on all the wonderful agent news!

Debs Riccio said...

B, you're SUCH a sweetie - thanks for the lovely words!
Deb - yep, pretty good, can you tell?!
Talli - you're welcome, you're a star!