Saturday, 11 August 2012

Don't you LOVE 'Before and After' Pictures?

Turning a House into a Home
It's been fraught, it's been fun, and through it all I'm SO glad we made the decision to downsize.

We've made a dent in the decor (and some doorframes :)) and as this is our House for Life, know we have all the time in the world to properly make it 'Ours'.

I've been a bit absent lately and it's all because of this, but now I'm Back and I'll be *shabby chic-ing all over the place - but not so's it turns into a vomit-fest of Location, Restoration, Decoration proportions.  Hopefully.

*Pick up a battered awl piece of rubbish from a second-hand shop and paint it a seemly shade of duck-egg. don't even bother rubbing it down, the rougher it looks the more Shabby it becomes.  Seriously. These are strange times we live in.


Kamille Elahi said...

OMG! It looks so chic! I wish I could decorate. Instead I just chuck things wherever I can find space for them.

The kitchen chairs look really nice.

Sandra Davies said...

DEbs: a propos of an earlier post of yours re spiders, I recommend putting conkers near every aperture which the blighters are likely to enter the house by - not 100% proof but at least 98% I have found.

Debs Riccio said...

Kamille, bless you, I did take the photos from exactly the right angle (avoiding corners filled with carboard boxes still!)I'm the same with the chucking thing... then after a while I move it someplace else... then some other place... then I get bored and it stays :)
Sandra, I have heard of the conker thing before (on a Johnathan Ross radio show) and I did try it out out our last house, conkers everyblimmin' where - but the darned things still came in - it annoyed the husband more than it deterred the spiders! But I will try again - those conkers were getting on for 5 years old so maybe it's the freshness that's a deterrent?

Deb said...

It all looks lovely, Debs. Well done, you've worked really hard. xxx

Debs Riccio said...

Thanks Deb, we DID work really hard at the beginning, now I'm flagging a bit - okay a lot - there are boxes on boxes on boxes on boxes of 'stuff' labelled 'stuff' that I don't know where to move next! All I want to do is sit back and relax and write something!

Ms Mac said...

Looks great, Debs.