Friday, 18 December 2009

The sights of Christmas...

I have a feeling I shall be spending a lot of time holed up in front of our lovely fireplace  during the next fortnight.  Honestly, when the fire's lit, I almost get a Christmassey feeling (unusual for a Realist like me) and all that's missing is a view of the lovely festive cover of the Christmas Radio Times which is on the coffee table too far in the foreground to see - just as Christmassey.

 That's an old one btw, just in case you think you've gone and bought the wrong one.

And of course, there's nothing more uplifting than the sound of the Sally Army on street corners in the snow on Christmas Eve, is there?  Am I getting a bit behind myself now? I remember watching them from my bedroom window and thinking how cold they must be but how wonderful it was to hear.  One year I even convinced myself I heard Santa's sleigh bells.  No, honestly.  Way before I discovered the delights of Brandy and Babycham too -  seriously!

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