Saturday, 24 April 2010

Who's that... um... Who?

It's been bothering me ever since the 11th doctor hit our screens a couple of weeks ago.
But now I think I've found one - just ONE,, teeny tiny reason why I might just tune into the next episode featuring our new Timelord.  And I shall be tuning in with my eyes shut of course.

Have you noticed it too?  If you close your eyes to the incredibly weird hair-do and the foppishly awful bad fashion sense and the nauseatingly camp way Mr Who dandies about on a Saturday night, then behind everything that is Wrong with this choice of Doctor, melts forth a voice that could warm the hardest, coldest of hearts.  And that voice used to belong to Ivor the Engine, the Clangers, even Bagpuss to name such endearing childhood greats.

And if I hadn't been ironing whilst trying to convince my body to try another episode before I succumbed to channel hopping, then I'd have *blink*ed and missed it (see what I did there folks?). His voice is somehow the reincarnation of the beloved Oliver Postgate and I would simply love this man to do a few voice-overs and see if it wouldn't work just as well as Oliver's voice did all those years ago.

And if he tried doing that, it might just keep him out of the flying seedy nightclub the producers have somehow seen fit to turn the TARDIS into and having us try to come to terms with a very second rate No.11 who seems to rely on his magic screwdriver a little too much than is absolutely necessary.  Pity he hasn't got a mirror in his mobile disco - he could do with sonic-ing himself up a decent haircut.

And what is WITH the theme tune, people!?


jc said...

Does commenting first mean I'm the only follower to watch Dr Who? Time Lords must change to revitalise so I think he's a great replacement for David Tennant who,let's face it, was there for just a bit too long and needed a rest. The new Dr reminds me of one of the originals, Patrick Troughton especially his mannerisms and wasn't he also very good a few years ago in Party Animals.

Debs Riccio said...

JC, we are all entitled to our opinions on the new Doctor - I think I might be the only one who DOESN'T like this one - even the Hubs watches it with renewed enthusiasm (at least he doesn't turn green with this one the way he did with foxy David T!) that's why you're the first one to comment. I've been sent to the Outer Quadrant equivalent of Coventry for my sins!