Monday, 16 August 2010

Anyone for NaNoWriMo ?

It seems that news of this exercise of mammoth literary proportions gets earlier and earlier every year (maybe it's just me, maybe it's the 'circles' I mix in these days - thanks to the beautiful and talented Suz Korb for pointing this out to me on her equally beautiful blog, 'Bang out the Prose', btw) and I've just signed up for it.
The NaNoNoticeBoard
Which makes this the fifth (I think) year that I'll be doing it.  Which also makes me a complete and utter Eejit because it runs for the whole of November - so, not only do we have the indisputably stress-filled Open Evening at our school that month, which  means I run around like a headless chicken with Anne Other until all we're capable of  is staple-gunning anything that moves to the walls,  but I've also volunteered myself to long-list the Strictly Writing short story entries for that month too.  [Aside: 'hmmmm... no wonder that particular slot was available... didn't see that one coming, did I'?].

But I like a challenge.  No, I do.  I just don't like to invite challenge.

I also like a nice lie in and for life not to be too overly stressful.  Of course I like a nice cup of tea too.  But this will be fine.  It will all be fine.  And I've learnt from experience that I will do it and get through it.

One way or the other.

 p.s. if you click to embiggen on the pic above, you'll see that last year I DID get through it, and there's my "WINNER" certificate to prove I did.  All mounted and laminated and everything.  Oh, you can also see all the lovely cards and notes I have from people who mean the world to me, too.


Michele said...

Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to sign up right now too. I want to do it this year as well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful AND talented? Debs, you make me blush. But I've amalgamated my blogs, so they're here now:

I need to put my NaNoWriMo username onto my new blog sidebar too. So that I can get more buddies! I'm Suz3000BCE on nanowrimo ;)

Clodagh said...

I'm going to do it this year too. I want one of those winner's certificates! I've done it twice, but haven't got one yet.

Thanks for the nosy round your noticeboard too, Debs! Chuffed to see myself represented on it.:-)

Talli Roland said...

Love the word 'embiggen'!

I'm not going to do NaNo but I wish everyone who's participating the best!