Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Happy Wedding Anniversary to US!

Once upon a time there was a Girl who read too many books (actually, there's no such thing) and watched too many films (ditto) and who dreamed of meeting a handsome prince.
This Prince would love her no matter how much she ate, and how wide her girth, or how loud she moaned and cried or how long she spent in the bathroom or on the computer.
And for a while, she'd forgotten how much she'd dreamed of him because Real Life had taken over and it looked like he'd already met and fallen in love with someone else and her dreams were just that.  Dreams.

But then one day she came back from a holiday with her beautiful daughter and found a man in her kitchen who (unbeknown to both of them at the time) had failed to level up the worktop properly when he'd fitted it.
Their eyes met and they had a brief chat (about wood treatments) but it wasn't the right time for them.  She had become cynical and he already had a girlfriend.
Six months and many smashed eggs later*, the man came back to realign the worktop (not a euphemism, although...) and this time things were a lot different.
The following week she had him laminating her hallway (again, not a euphemism....) and his tool-kit hasn't moved from there since.... ah, romance!

* from having rolled off the wonky worktop I mean, not from having been thrown about with wild cynicism... just to clarify *


Michele said...

Happy Anniversary! Many,many more. Did he ever fix that wonky worktop? I'm still waiting for the name of the book of your friend's- you know ;)

Clodagh said...

Happy Anniversary, Debs! That is a GORGEOUS photo - you look stunning and so happy, and that is an amazing dress. x

Talli Roland said...

Ah! How romantic!

Happy anniversary!

Deb said...

Happy Anniversary, Debs and many more to come. You look a lovely couple!xxxx

Lane said...

Whoa - gorgeous dress. You look fab! And lovely story:-)