Thursday, 23 September 2010

Healing Thyself

So, great news about the Ozone layer, yeah?

getting better now - officially!
Oh, and I also heard today that some Scientist guy who told everyone about the icecaps melting, was lying - ha! Yeah - good one - lol-ling my socks off over here, Boffin man! And, quite rightly, he's been lawfully charged with something or other.  I forget the details.  Anyway, in my head he looked like Emmet (Doc-from-Back-to-the-Future) Brown but that's besides the point. But what a silly man.  Did he really having nothing better to do or was he just after his fifteen minutes of fame?

And I remember the incomparably sublime Stephen Fry telling his audience on QI once that the human body also goes through a kind of regenerative metamorphosis during a 10 -year cycle.  But, no, (husband, specifically - not that he EVER listens to anything either myself OR Stephen ever says - EVER) that doesn't mean that just because you've recently turned 40 you get a whole new body of cells to abuse, neglect and wear out - this regenerative process is ongoing.  But I DO like the idea that the liver I put through very alcoholic paces during my twenties is now a mere spring chicken again - and cheerfully having to endure nothing stronger than PG Tips as exercise.

These snippets of very important information also made me remember the time that, shortly after we were married, the Hubs made me throw away all the tablets I was taking because he was convinced they were making me ill.  At the time I had Trochanteric Bursitis, which was incredibly painful and so I was taking muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, painkillers and supplementing these with a couple of Glucosamine (yes, yes with Chondroitin... which also this week was revealed to have proven of no real benefit whatsoever despite advertising to the contrary).  So basically if you'd shaken me back then, I'd have done the decent thing and rattled.

Nobody wants to be newly-wed to a medicine cabinet, do they?

And he was (he loves this bit!) right.    He has a very annoying habit of being mostly right most of the time.  Apart from the 'new body at 40' delusion of course.
Within about 3 days of not taking any of these tablets, my headaches had lessened, the pain from my 'condition' hadn't improved - but also hadn't worsened - and the great thing was that I wasn't so listless and constipated (TMI?).  So this convinced me that all these drugs were doing was confusing my poor body into not knowing what to do with them and where to put them and how to absorb the majority of them.  My body already had enough of what it needed, because that's how it was made originally, anything else was just going to hinder it's capability to repair.  After all, I would never assume to start a scar off by putting a line of Superglue along the cut... I know my body will sort that one out in it's own time without any help from me.

Obviously I'm not saying that if I broke my arm I'd just leave it to heal itself - which it would, of course, it'd just turn out wonky and nobody would like that.  Or  if I was Diabetic that I'd just let nature take it's course and hurl me into a fatal coma, oh no, I'm ALL for topping up where there's a definite imbalance.  I've just come to believe that the body has a remarkable way of knowing when, where and what it needs in order to function properly. So if it says 'you're sleepy - rest' - then do it.  If it says 'you need chocolate', then, by all means, the Vicar of Dibley head-in-fountain technique has to be adopted.  If your body says 'scream' then who are you to refuse it's release?
And if it says 'lie in bed all day reading and having cups of tea brought to you', then where's the harm in that?


badas2010 said...

Have you tried homeopathy?
It worked brilliantly for me and for my daughter as well.
I'll tell you more if you wish, but I just thought I'd mention it.

Debs Riccio said...

Isn't that what Prince Charles swears by? Dabbled in a bit of 'Rescue remedy' once upon a time - does that count as Homeopathy?