Friday, 24 December 2010

The Post of Christmas Past...

The Good Old Days!
This is me aged 2 on Christmas Day. I can't tell you the year as it will do something terrible to the space-time continuum and we could all be sucked into the ether for such knowledge. Or I could die of supreme mortification - whichever is the sooner.

I actually remember this photograph being taken. It was probably something unearthly like 6.00 in the morning as I was one of those precious children who just couldn't sleep for desperation of wanting to hear Santa's sleigh bells. I actually DID hear them one year and was convinced I saw a flash of Rudolph's nose fly over the houses across the street.

As you can see, I have a hand well and truly stuffed into my sack clamouring for the next present. And you can also see a rather unusual looking teddy bear moulded from white plastic lying on the pillow behind me (VERY trendy in the sixties, I'll have you know) which I could never quite warm too. He just wasn't the best bed-buddy if you know what I mean. I remember trying very hard to get him to lay nicely beside me like other children's bears did, but his ear always ending up gouging a ravine in my cheek. Still, I did get a lovely, softer other bear, which I was bought the following year as consolation for having a baby brother.

The picture below was taken at my Great Aunt Ivy's on Boxing Day the same year. If you squint, or embiggen the pic, you can see me looking a bit bewildered, sitting on my mum's knee at the back next to the telly box (probably still b/w). As I was the only child (until the following October) I always felt a bit overwhelmed but loved all the attention (which dwindled the following year... can we see a pattern emerging?) that Christmas brought. I used to be so thrilled that grown ups could have fun, considering that for the rest of the year all they seemed to do was shout, scowl, argue and moan about everything. Of course I never understood the part that Sherry had to play in this scenario until much later on in life!

These were the best Christmasses. Ever. When the dinner cooked itself and appeared from nowhere smelling heavenly and tasting so magical; Maltesers came in boxes and selection packs came stocking-shaped with a netting around them. The heavenly smell of Pretty Peach Avon perfume and the horrible American Tan tights from Aunties with no imagination.

I loved being allowed to light sparklers after dinner over the fireplace; sitting on Dad's knee and being so awed that he could crack two Almond nuts together with his bare hands. I loved the way my Mum and my Nan's cheeks got pinker and pinker as the day wore on, especially during the card games that went on way past my bedtime. I loved being allowed to just lift a chocolate from a bowl and eat it without needing permission and I loved that everybody I loved was all together in the same place, having fun and laughing. The only thing I didn't like was that it was over way, way too soon and I'd feel a little tug of sadness that the excitement was passing for another year.

But, here it is (again) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

And a Merry, Massive MASSIVE THANKS to everybody who's visited my blog this year, read, commented and come back for more - here's to more of the same next year! *chinks glasses*.


Michele said...

You were so cute as a child and wow,what perfect teeth. Sympathize with the 'American' tan nylons- I had to wear them too. I hope yourXmases continue to be awesome!

Debs Riccio said...

Aww thanks, Michele, I WAS very cute aged two. I don't know what happened after that - had something to do with NOT being an only child anymore I think - I lost my smile somewhere!.
Hope your season was full of loveliness. xxx