Monday, 3 January 2011

The Lurgy is Leaving the Building

The next time I notice a festive season on it's way, I promise that I shall have some illuminating, humorous and informative posts lined up and scheduled for your entertainment so that in the case of sudden bouts of Lurgy, there will be no discernible lapse in the blogging proceedings.
I shall also endeavour to supply associated illustrative effects to detract you, my lovely reader, from being aware that anything other than entirely normal is occuring behind my scenes.

Which could well have been one of my New years Resolutions, had I been in a position (other than horizonal with Mr Beecham and Nurse Lucozade) to appreciate this.

I am also more than a little indebted to my lovely Hubby and Gorgeous Girl for NOT having the idiot sense to have snapped a photograph of me sitting propped up in bed one morning with half a potato sliced and arranged on my forehead, secured with heavy-duty after-party napkin and tied at the side with a jaunty pale blue scarf.  In fact if it hadn't been for the raging fever and pain-on-moving I'd probably have rigged the camera up myself - and maybe even queried this supposed 'Italian Old Wive's Remedy'.  I just thank God we weren't in the immediate vicinity of a half-skinned rabbit and a piece of week old beef flank.  Don't ask.

Thanks to the very funny Savage Chickens people

Ah well, as 'they' say,onwards and upwards - things can only get better, right?  (Note to self: DO NOT check what you said this time last year.  Just don't, okay?  You're still not strong enough. Leave it alone!).

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