Monday, 21 January 2013

From Bed .... to Verse


‘S no good, I can’t rest, there’s a blanket outside
on the ground that refuses to budge.
But there’re dishes in sinks and clothes on the floor
that guilt-inducingly poke, stab and nudge.
A Snow Day they call it, these people, these ‘they’,
They whoop, they holler, they scream.
‘Stay in bed’ says the radio announcer,
‘Don’t drive anywhere that isn’t snow-clean.’
If I’d the energy I could build a snowman
But that malarkey just isn’t my scene,
I’ve a snow-induced ‘head’ from all of this white
and it hurts when I think of  ice-cream.
I tried staying in bed but the cat took my place,
It was warm and inviting, and so…..
Think I'll spend the day reading in pyjamas,
Oh just snow, go on – snow. Let it SNOW!

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