Thursday, 24 January 2013


The sign of a good book, for me, is one that I have to start rationing once I get halfway through; it’s going to all be over WAY too soon.  And this is what happened with ‘The Rosie Project’. Half of me couldn’t wait to pick it up again and the other half (Don Tillman – main character - would be impressed – a girl who can do sums) knew that in devouring another chapter I would be depriving my future self of more enjoyable entertainment.
Don Tillman is blessed with Asperger’s.  He knows he’s ‘wired differently’ yet also knows that everybody deserves somebody special in their life.  And with this in mind he wants to be no different. After exhausting conventional methods of dating, he creates the Wife Project; a 16-page questionnaire which he considers should produce one girl who satisfies at least 98% of his requested criteria.  And as a genetics professor, he knows a lot more than most about probable outcomes.

Enter Rosie who immediately fails on two Wife Project counts.  But she’s trying to find her biological father, not a husband.  And she’s heard Don Tillman is the man for the job. 

It’s not only a corker of a read, it also makes you think about what’s going on inside your own head and to see things the way others may see them.  It doesn’t just tilt your world; it upends it and puts it back in a clearer, more logical order than you remembered.

I laughed, I sighed, I “naaaaaw-ed”, I snorted cocoa out my nose the once and I’m already compiling a list of people I think should be allowed to read it next (comprehensive). 

The supporting cast is also brilliantly constructed and every scene was playing brightly, loudly and beautifully in my head.  I can’t wait to see the screen adaptation of this.  A fantastic, fulfilling read and one which I would highly, heartily, honestly recommend to lift anyone’s day – whether they needed it or not.

D'you think I might have liked this book? :)

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