Thursday, 25 June 2009

Ooohhhh can't wait!

This is where we'll be in four weeks' time...
And the WHOLE family is going because it's a family wedding. The Bride and Groom have booked the entire place out for everyone for three nights (wedding on the Sat) and six of us have decided to stay on a further three nights to turn it into our annual holiday. It's going to be fabulous there's going to be hundreds of us* and we are all so excited!
It's even going to have a touch of 'Mama Mia' about it because the ceremony is taking place in a church on the hill in the grounds so we're walking up to it like they did in the film - aw, so gorgeous (must take box of plasters for blisters - or maybe go barefoot?!)
And not only will the village of Il Borro (that's in Tuscany don't ya know!) be overtaken by 'the family' but so will the flight over and there'll be a particularly interesting convoy from the airport to the villa what with all the drivers insisting they know the right route to take. After all, they're Italian, so they're bound to know ALL the short cuts in Italy, right?

* tiny exaggeration

Watch This Space!

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